Makeover Your Teen’s Bedroom with Our Fun Decor Ideas

 Looking for teen bedroom ideas: Take a look at these Bedroom Decor ideas we gathered.

There comes a time when your child has transitioned from child to teen, and these fun bedroom decor for teens ideas will come in handy.  Not only will they be perfect to help them move from childhood style to teen and onward to adult, they are also popular and trendy.  For a child who has been bullied or has found themselves with a struggle to believe in themselves this can be huge thing.  Upgrading their teen bedroom to a trendy and fun place to be will often give them the self esteem boost they need to invite friends over to hang out and study or spend the night.

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Bedroom Decor for Teens: Makeover Your Teen’s Room

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Bedroom Decor Ideas For The Girls:

Young teen girls can find it difficult to leave behind the pink, purple and glitter of their childhood.  These colors, along with the dolls, movies and posters that they grew up on are memories they cling to.  Instead of ridding them of everything, upgrade to a more sophisticated style with a black and white theme.  Throw in hints of color.  A solid bright wall, throw pillow, carpet or rug can tie in their favorite childhood colors with their new classy chic look.

Reversible Black & White Damask Bedding:  This is perfect for a newly remodeled teen bedroom.  The black and white pattern is classic, but gives your daughter the feeling of being grown up.

Damask Bedding Bedroom: A lovely bedroom idea for girls

Set Of 2 Shabby Chic White Nightstands:  These are perfect to accent the black and white bedding.  Add black lamps, pink or red flowers or other pops of color to bring the room together.  Girls will love the shabby chic vintage feel to these night stands!

White Nightstands Bedroom Decor for Teens: A lovely bedroom idea for girls

Bicycle Print Throw Pillow:  This accent pillow is just a bit different and quirky enough to appeal to your teen.  Great for putting in a bay window, bedside chair or on the bed.  Functional and fashionable, this pillow is perfect!

Bicycle Pilow : A lovely bedroom idea for girls

Wall Decals:  We love the wall decals with fun inspiring sayings on them.  Pick a meaningful quote and order to go on a wall, above the bed or on their door.

This wall decal is a great idea for bedroom decor for teens!

Bedroom Decor Ideas For The Boys:

Boys make the transition to being a teen a little easier than girls.  Their taste in things doesn’t change as much, but they may still desire a bit nicer and more aesthetically pleasing bedroom.  Creating a fun place for them to hang with their friends is easy with trendy deals on bedding, decor and accent pieces like these we found.

Black & Blue Gothic Skull Bedding:  Edgy but not too rough, this bedding set brings classic colors to their bedroom in a popular print for teens.  Black, white, grey and blue are always fun and easy to accent with other pieces.

Looking for a teen bedroom idea for boys? Check this Skull Bedding:

Set of 2 Black Nightstands With Drawers: These basic black nighstands with classic lines fit perfectly into a teen boys room.  Not only are the functional, they are masculine and make your son feel more grown up.

Looking for a teen bedroom idea for boys? Check this Black Nightstands Bedroom Decor for Teens

Decorative Gothic Skull Throw Pillows: In alternate accent colors from the bedding set these throw pillows make a great addition to their bed, window seat or even floor!

Looking for a teen bedroom idea for boys? Try this Skull Pillow Bedroom Decor Ideas for Boys

Classic Volcano Lamp:  Go old school with this lava based volcano lamp.  Not only will it be a fun piece to talk about, it makes a great night light for the kid who doesn’t want to admit they are still afraid of the dark.

Volcano Lamp Bedroom Decor Ideas for Teen Boys

Make the transition from childhood to their teens easier with these great teen bedroom makeover decor ideas.  Mix and match fun patterns and prints to create a unique style that is perfect for your child.  Add fun pops of color and existing items they own to make it homey and a place they feel safe, secure and happy about themselves in.

What do you think of these bedroom decor ideas? Do you have any favorite bedroom decor for teens?

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  1. These are great tips for a teens bedroom decor. I love the lava lamp. It is funny I have never owned one before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have two teens in the house and my 13 year old son doesn’t mind his room so much. My 16 year old daughter would like a makeover in her room. Starting with movingher little sister out. (probably not going to happen). Love the black and white for my room!

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