Beautiful Home Decor Ideas: West Elm Living Room For Less

Refresh your living room home decor with a modern West Elm look.  We have taken high-end home decor ideas and made them budget friendly!

I have been keeping my eye out for some great home decor looks to refresh my living room. Our family has a big move coming up very soon, and that always means it is a great time to change up the entire look of your house! Even if you are not moving like I am, fall time often means giving your home décor a bit of a makeover. As the temperature drops, I find myself hosting more guests inside, and I want my living room to be both chic and cozy.

West Elm Living Room for Less: Beautiful Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

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I found a great living room look that I love at West Elm. The problem is I cannot afford West Elm prices on my current budget, or I’m going to have to sacrifice something major… like Christmas or something! I can guarantee my kid will not be happy if I sacrifice Christmas morning for my living room look. Instead, I found some great home décor ideas at Target and Amazon that will give you this look for a much smaller budget. Here’s my inspiration, and a few of the smart swaps I made!

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west elm living room home decor budget


Furniture Home Decor Collage

Some of your absolute best home decor deals are going to be in the furniture section. West Elm furniture is beautiful, but if my child throws up on that West Elm couch I might just lose it. Instead, I can pick up this smart Target version without turning into a crazy person. The coffee table is another place you can save a bundle on this look. Do not leave out that copper stool, it is one of the stand-out pieces in this living room and looks more expensive than it is. The Amazon version is a great price.

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Key Pieces

Key Pieces Home Decor Collage

Next I started to look for all of my key home décor pieces. For me, that is my rug, lighting and pillows. You must check out that floor lamp at Target, it looks so similar to the West Elm version it is an easy swap. These brightly colored throw pillows round out this look, and the Amazon price is fab. The bold patterns elevate the look.

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Accessories Collage

Use accessories to round out and update your look on the cheap. I have gathered a couple key pieces that give off the West Elm vibe. In particular, that wire mesh bowl is a really interesting looking piece for your coffee table. You can save on the throw blanket by picking up a very similar one from Target.

So would you use these home decor ideas in your living room? Tell us in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Beautiful Home Decor Ideas: West Elm Living Room For Less”

  1. You did a great job for so much less. I really love the end table and the coffee table. I can’t believe how much cheaper you can get these items for elsewhere. I will have to make sure I look around more next time I want to do a little redecorating.

  2. Those really are very good swaps which will definitely save you some money if you are re decorating or decorating your living room. I do love that metal stand-O could see myself putting a plant or a lamp on top of that.

  3. That living room color scheme and theme are simply gorgeous! I have never shopped at West Elm before, but they certainly have beautiful decor and furniture.

  4. I don’t have young children but I do have cats. I gave up on expensive furniture after replacing my couch every year three years in a row. Thank you for tip to check out West Elm!

  5. Lots of great finds! I really like the cooper stole, I’ve been doing an antique kind of look in my living room lately. I think this would look super cute with my hour glass on top :)

  6. I love those pillows! We recently moved and I’m making over our rooms one at a time. I think I’m going to have to head over to West Elm for some inspiration!

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