Top 10 Must-Have Baby Safety Products for Your Home

Top 10 Must-Have Baby Safety Products for Your Home |

Baby safety is a top priority for all new parents, and we want to help! The following is a list of our Top Ten Baby Safety Items for your home. This list is compiled of products that we have considered to be “must haves” or “top choice.” Get a jump start on baby safety by adding a few of these to your baby registry!

My personal favorite is the automatic outlet covers. Standard outlet covers that must be removed in order to utilize them often go missing after the outlet is put to use. Anyone can forget to put them back on and it only takes a few seconds for an accident to occur. The great covers we have featured below automatically switch back into place the moment your electrical plug is no longer in use! While we recommend all of your outlets be fitted with these easy to install plates, they are truly important on outlets of high use, such as, a common outlet used for charging computers and everyday items.

Top 10 Baby Safety Products for Your Home

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Safety 1st 5 Count Stove Knob Covers


Tinted plastic coloring blends in with home décor, no drill installation, hinged lid for convenience during cooking, heat resistant plastic, universal design fits most stoves.

Safety 1st Oven Front Lock


Keep little ones safe from kitchen accidents with this oven front lock. It features a special heat-resistant latch and adhesive that mounts it to the front of a stove. It can be used on ovens that are flush to kitchen cabinets. Incorporates upgraded materials and styling to better complement newer kitchens and home decor.

Safety 1st Multi-Purpose Appliance Lock Decor


Ideal for the freezer, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. This latch helps keep children from accessing potentially dangerous appliances.

Magnetic Locking System Complete


Keep cabinets and drawers off limits to little ones with the Complete Magnetic Locking System by Safety 1st. Simply install the lock inside a desired cabinet or drawer, then use the powerful magnetic key to open when needed. They key is easy to store high up and out of reach from curious children. This item includes 8 locks for a variety of destinations and a magnetic key to fit them all.

Safety 1st Power Strip Cover

baby-safety-products The restyled Safety 1st Power Strip Cover conveniently covers the entire power strip, including the on/off switch, preventing children from pulling out the plugs. The collapsible design provides a secure fit for large or small power strips and surge protectors.

Universal Outlet Cover

baby-safety-products The Kidco Universal Outlet Cover is an absolute must for homes with small children! This ingenious electrical outlet cover features a unique spring-loaded mechanism that completely and automatically blocks plugs when they’re not in use. To insert a plug, simply place the prongs against the plate and slide to the right. The plug will slide in, while young children will be kept out.

Furniture Wall Straps 8 Pack


Don’t take a chance with bookcases, dressers, and wall units – use these easy to install wall anchors to protect your little ones.

Furniture and Table Edge Corner Protectors

baby-safety-products Protect your child from the dangerous, sharp edges and corners of tables, chests, shelves, cabinets, stairs, fireplaces, hearths and other items in your home. These high-density cushions are durable, yet soft to the touch, and are able to absorb impact to help prevent injury.

Grip N’ Twist Door Knob Covers


Decor grip n twist door knob covers are easy for adults to use and install, access to door knob for easier grip, sleek modern design blends in with home decor.

Safety Finger Pinch Cartoon Animal Foam Door Stopper Cushion


EasyLifeCare® Children Safety Finger Pinch is best solution to keep children’s tiny hands and fingers safe. This is one of the most practical child proofing accessories that Parents of active little babies must have. It gives each family peace of mind to let their children enjoy indoor playtime. The 7-PC bundle comes with cute and colorful animal designs made of high quality cushion material. There is no need to permanently attach any accessory on the door as this can fit right into most doors.

These baby safety products will make your home a bit safer for little ones! Of course, YOU are the number one baby safety “product!” Even with these items, it’s still important to keep an eye on your baby! Looking for more ways to keep your tot safe? Check out our Baby Safety: Is it Safe to Post Photos of Your Baby Online article!

What are your favorite baby safety products?

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  1. How amazing! I love the magnetic locks and pinch door guards. With my 13 month old he loves trying to get the outlets. Luckily they’re very safe but he’s sneaky. Thanks for the tips

  2. Great post! I love each one of these and to be honest I need each one with the little fellow we have around here. Thanks for sharing these, I really need a few of those appliance locks!!

  3. I never thought about oven knob protectors but it makes perfect sense. Things sure have changed since my “littles” were little! lol

  4. I think it is possible I may have been the worst mama in the world and it is lucky my girls survived, lol. I never baby proofed anything. If it was breakable it went on a top shelf and that was about it. Of course I kept all meds, poisons, etc locked away but I never even thought of covering my oven knobs or electrical chords. I think if the internet had been like it is now back when I was a new Mom I would have done things a lot differently! They have so many awesome products now and so much more information. I would have had those adorable door stoppers all over the house!

  5. This is a wonderful post, I’m not quite there since we are expecting. But baby proofing has been on my mind. Thanks for all the info.

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