7 Tips For A Super Organized Kitchen

Don't miss these 7 Tips For A Super Organized Kitchen to help you get a great start on home organization this year! Being organized also helps save money!

As the new year officially begins, it’s time to start thinking about organizing your home. 

These 7 Tips For A Super Organized Kitchen are sure to help you get on track with ease. 

This year you can easily tackle the challenge of organizing your kitchen by setting things up to navigate with ease. 

Not only will it help save time to get things orderly, it can make it easier for the whole family to get involved in keeping things clean, and even cooking meals.

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1- Purge Unused Items. 

This is one of those things that nobody enjoys doing, but can really help cut out the clutter from your kitchen.  Take the time to go through cabinets, drawers, pantries and hutches to get rid of things you don’t use. 

If you have a lot of random tools, utensils or storage containers that just aren’t functional, this is the time to let them go.

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2-Label Everything. 

One of the biggest issues in kitchen pantries, and even in your refrigerator or freezer is the lack of labeling.  Tons of canisters, storage containers and boxes often lead to confusion about what you actually have on hand.  We adore the chalkboard labels for canisters and mason jar storage that may change regularly.  Classic labels are great for items that won’t change much.  Printed labels from DYMO Label LabelManager 160 or simple paint pen hand written labeling on items are fun as well.

Tips for a Super Organized Kitchen: Invest in Quality Containers

3- Invest In Quality Canisters. 

If you are storing staple items in your pantry like pasta, rice, beans or even flours and sugars you may want to go the extra step and store them in an air tight storage system

Make sure that whatever your canisters are, they are going to seal well to keep your food safe. 

Also keep in mind your space and what will fit best.  While round canisters are the most popular, square canisters are often the best for storage.  They fit closer together, take up less space and make your pantry much more useful.

4- Arrange For Use.

Whether it is your pantry or your kitchen cabinets with plates and glasses, arranging items for use is the best choice. 

Make sure that your utensils for cooking are near your stove. 

Put glasses in cabinets close to your refrigerator. 

Baking sheets, casserole dishes and pots and pans should be stored near your stove.

Your pantry can also be arranged with items used most frequently at eye level, and rarely used items on the top or bottom shelves.

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5- Utilize Your Space Appropriately. 

When you have cabinets of varying sizes and lengths, consider what will work best in those spaces.

Don’t double stack short glasses on a tall shelf and try to cram tall glasses in a short shelf. 

Work to use your shelving, pantry and even refrigerator shelves appropriately for what they fit best.

6- Find Multi-Purpose Appliances. 

Kitchen counters can quickly become cluttered with a multitude of appliances. 

It maybe time to rid yourself of a few extras and invest in things like a toaster oven that is great for toast, bagels and simple cooking of breads, cookies, brownies and more. 

A food processor can eliminate the shredder and chopper, but also double as a way to make dough for breads and cookies.  A multi-purpose stand mixer is a great investment that helps with dozens of kitchen needs.

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7-  Use A Lazy Susan

There is always going to be an odd corner in your kitchen.  Whether it is in the cabinets, or on your counter a lazy susan can be a wonderful way to use that awkward space.  Great for spice cabinets, snacks and more.  You can even find some custom made lazy susans for your cabinetry.

Creating a super organized kitchen isn’t as hard as you think.  This year you can apply some of these simple tips to create a beautiful kitchen and pantry that is functional while being lovely to look at.

What are your favorite tips for a super organized kitchen? Share them in the comments!

8 thoughts on “7 Tips For A Super Organized Kitchen”

  1. We worked on organizing our kitchen over Christmas vacation. Your tips are really great, I wish I had them before our project. We did get rid of things we don’t use, and tried to put things close to where they’ll be used. I need to label things better, especially in the food pantry so I know what I have.

  2. Great tips. I really have to start putting labels on item in the kitchen, especially those items that are in containers.

  3. Fantastic tips! I really need to give another purse of our kitchen. we did a big one when we moved in May, but I think I could probably get rid of a lot more now after being in our new house and i know more of what I actually use.

  4. I love buying in bulk for the best deals, but my kitchen just can’t handle it all. My mom and I have been coordinating our shopping efforts & splitting things like dry goods.

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