7 Clever Hacks For An Organized Fridge


Seriously, it’s time to have an organized fridge in my kitchen. The other day I went looking for  my favorite BBQ sauce. Some people are ketchup people, but I prefer a tangy, Carolina style BBQ sauce as my all-purpose condiment. I went searching past the cheese sticks, past some half wilted lettuce and somehow took a wrong turn at the lime juice. No joke, it took me fifteen minutes to find the BBQ sauce. It was in that moment that I decided it is time to seriously organize my fridge. I’ve gathered a list of great ideas to help inspire me after I purge everything moldy or wilted.

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Clever Hacks For An Organized Fridge

Baskets Are The Answer



My kid’s toys seem to multiply. All the little Legos and doll shoes just get everywhere. Baskets and tubs have long been my solution to a less stressful playroom cleanup. Why did I not think about applying the same concept to the fridge? Baskets, they are your friends to keep an organized fridge! Bonus points if you can find clear bins so you can see everything.

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The Eat Me First Bin

There was a running joke in my grandparent’s house that my grandfather always had to finish the older food. Newer, fresh foods were for guests of course! Adopt this same type of idea to curb food waste and create an “Eat Me First” bin, like Yuka on Clossette did! This bin would be so handy for quick snacks to avoid food spoilage.

The Snack Zone

Do you have hungry kids when they come home from school? I know so many parents struggle with kids who are always asking for snacks. Create a healthy snack zone either just for the kids or for the whole family. Load up your favorite quick snacks in this spot to keep kids munching on fruit and yogurt instead of cookies.

Freezer Storage Gone Wild

Good freezer tips are hard to find. Mine is always full of meat I’ve portioned and bags of fruits and vegetables. Keep those bags from floating using plastic magazine sorters. This organization hack seriously changed my life. It has also saved my toes from bags of falling frozen items!

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Keep Bottles From Rolling

How many times have I tried to put the bottle  in the door of the fridge and discover there is no space? We must have every major condiment in our fridge door and they take up valuable open wine real estate. I love the idea of a slide out drawer to keep the bottles from rolling around under my cheese drawer. Genius!

Chalkboard Fridge Meal Plan


Give the front of your fridge a makeover with some chalkboard paint and a few small accessories. This system will keep your organized fridge neat inside and out. This system will also help me keep my grocery bill in check.

Sort Your Food Smartly


Squawkfox has a handy cheat sheet when I am sorting out the bad food and keeping the good. I love the handy tips on this list such as storing the milk further in the fridge to prevent spoilage. I also love the tip about keeping the crispers to only one food group at a time to avoid contamination. Don’t miss the free downloadable printable from Squawkfox too!

I love all these ideas to organize my fridge and to reduce food waste. I know I can improve my grocery bill by being a bit more organized.

What tricks do you have to keep an organized fridge? Tell me in the comments!


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7 thoughts on “7 Clever Hacks For An Organized Fridge”

  1. I usually organize my fridge and clean it out once a month. But I go through the food once a week and get rid of the expired left overs. When I am organizing it, I always check the bottles of everything on the door of the fridge and see if they have expired and throw them out if needed. Then add it to the grocery list if I need a new one of it. I try to keep all vegetables in one drawer of the fridge and keep the fruit in the other drawer, but sometimes I have more fruit than veggies, so then they go in the same drawer. I love a clean fridge though.

  2. I really like the idea of using baskets. We usually have an abundance of fruits and vegetables on hand and only have one pull out drawer at the bottom to store them. I sometimes use bowls however I don’t have many and will often need to take them back out.

  3. i like the idea for baskets – ‘specially for all the fruits and vegetables that i should be eating. But I would probably use clear bins in my refrigerator :)

  4. Thanks so much for the shoutout Kristy! I love your site. I never thought that a cat could hate suitcases, but I guess you learn something new everyday :)

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