Visualize Your Dream Space with these Home Décor Apps


Ever since I got my smartphone, I’ve been on the hunt for the coolest home décor apps. Once upon a time, when I had that thing known as “free time,” I used to spend hours designing homes in the Sims games. That was always my favorite part of the game. The rest? Well, I had a very nice graveyard in their back yards!

To me, home décor apps give you the fun of playing the Sims without the massive time commitment. Plus, they’re a great way to figure out what types of décor work in your real home. I mean, very few of us actually have the mansions that our virtual selves have, right? Take a look at my favorite home décor apps so far!

Top 5 Home Décor Apps

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SnapShop: Wondering if a brown leather sofa will go with your existing furniture and blue walls? Trying to figure out how to decorate your small space without cluttering it up? With SnapShop, you just hold up your phone so your room is in view, then drag and drop furniture into the scene! Available in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.

Home Design 3D: Although it’s not free, this is considered one of the best home décor apps in the App Store. It costs $6.99 and is worth every penny. Home Design 3D lets you professionally design your living space without the professional cost and know-how. It’s easy enough for anyone to use. Check out your design in 3D, then share it to Dropbox to save it for later!

Houzz Interior Design Ideas: Available for both Android and Apple products, this one doesn’t let you design your actual home like the first two, but it does give you tons of great ideas. It’s like having a thousand home decorating magazines right in your pocket. You can easily save your favorite looks into ideabooks and share them with friends. It also helps you find professionals in your area.

Color Capture: Ever see a gorgeous color and think “hey, that would look great on my living room wall!” Then you get to the paint store and can’t quite remember the exact shade? With Color Capture, snap a picture of anything and it will tell you which Benjamin Moore paint matches it. While it’s only available for that brand, it’s still quite handy. Plus it’s free!

Pinterest: I can’t forget to mention one of the best home décor apps of all time, now can I? Sure, it’s not just for home décor, but wow, the ideas you can get on this free app are endless! May I subtly suggest checking out our For the Home Pinterest board to get you started? Okay, maybe not so subtly!

These five home décor apps should help get you started on designing your own dream space! If I left any off that you know of, be sure to tell me in the comments! I’m a little addicted to apps right now, since I finally joined the smartphone revolution (although I’ve had an Android tablet for a while now).

What are your favorite home décor apps?


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