What is Earth Day and Why Should You Care?

Many people have heard of Earth Day, but do you REALLY know what it is and WHY it matters so much? Find out exactly what Earth Day means and why we have it!

Earth Day is observed every year in April, and with this year’s celebration coming up, you might be wondering what the big deal is. What exactly is Earth Day and why should you care about it?

What is Earth Day and Why Should You Care?

Earth Day History

Earth Day originally started back in 1970, when then-U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson organized people across the United States to demonstrate and take time to think about the impact people were having on the Earth. His interest in the environment was spurred by a California oil spill in 1969 and his call to action was inspired by the anti-war movement in America.

The first Earth Day saw about 20 million Americans from one end of the country to the other rally to raise awareness about the harmful effects industry and humans were having on the Earth’s environment. This first Earth Day is often considered the birth of the modern-day environmental movement.

Since then, every April 22, people all over the world do projects to help the environment, hold demonstrations and events to raise awareness about the environment, and make their voices heard by governments and businesses.

Why Should You Care About Earth Day?

Earth Day is simply one day a year, but the ideas behind it matter every day. Why?

For many people, the idea of living with the environment in mind evokes images of hippies living an extreme lifestyle with no utilities, eating weeds from the yard, and digging items out of dumpsters. Living with the Earth and its resources in mind, though, doesn’t really need to follow that picture.

Recent news reports have stated that some western states in the United States may be in danger of running out of potable water within the next year, while incidents of sickness and disease continue to rise in all parts of the country.

As Americans continue to use up natural resources such as land, water, and clean air, the increase in trash and pollution lead to higher rates of disease, lowered immunities, and lower quality of life. Making better choices that lead to less waste and conservation of the Earth’s resources is a must as the Earth’s population increases and the availability of resources decreases.

Why does Earth Day matter? It matters because there is only one Earth and once it’s used up, it can’t be replenished. If each person would make the commitment to change one thing in their lifestyle to an action that is more sustainable and Earth-friendly, imagine the difference that could be made!

Remember that the Earth you leave behind will need to be used by your children, and their children, and their children, and so on for generations to come. Tread lightly on this beautiful planet — on Earth Day and every day!

 What does Earth Day mean to you? Share in the comments!

13 thoughts on “What is Earth Day and Why Should You Care?”

  1. My 5 year old son is so into preserving the earth. He loves to recycle, pick up trash off the street and turn of the lights if they are on and no one is in the room. He’s such a good boy.

  2. I have children in school, and they both have activities to participate in each year for Earth Day. I think it’s good that something that important is still being recognized after all of these years.

  3. I haven’t decided what I will do for Earth Day this year, but I feel like it gets talked about less and less as the years pass on, or is it just me? Global warming is a huge concern of mine.

  4. It’s our responsibility to take care of this wonderful planet that has been taking care of us all these years. I wish there were more Earth Days than just one a year, but one is better than none.

  5. I see it as a great opportunity to remind the kids of the amazing world that God has given us, and how we need to take care of it. Recycling is their responsibility at home, and I know they do lots of Earth Day activities at school too.

  6. Earth Day is one of those holidays that doesn’t get a lot of attention but it’s one of my favorites. I try to remind people to do something Earth-friendly (especially through social media since most people are on it all day) and then I do those things myself. My family recycles all year so on Earth Day we usually do a neighborhood cleanup and take a trip to a park and keep an eye out for garbage to pick up there as well while enjoying nature.

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