Top 10 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for 2012

Top 10 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Christmas is around the corner; however it doesn’t hurt to start preparing from now. If this is your first Christmas alone or as a family, then you might need to get fresh ornaments. It is not necessary that you decorate your tree with sparkling glass balls, there are many other ways you can draw attention to your tree. Here are a few great Christmas tree decoration ideas that are going to spice up any tree.

Top 10 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

  1. Edible Tree Ornaments: Go for the edible tree ornaments that give a customized flavour to your tree. Either bake little cookies yourself, if you are good at it or you can also purchase them ready made from stores that keep Christmas tree ornaments.
  2.  Miniature Photo Frames: These little photo frames carrying the pictures of all who are close to you can prove to be a really nice decoration for your Christmas tree. It is a nice way to personalize and create a homely feeling on this occasion.
  3.  Snowy Snowflakes: Pure white snowflakes create a nice winter ambiance for the tree. They are also quite inexpensive and decorate the foliage pretty nicely.
  4.  Mini Presents: there are always presents under the tree; this year complement them with mini presents hanging from the tree. You can purchase them from gift stores or order through online stores.
  5.  Candies: in place of shiny and glittery glass balls, candies wrapped in clear plastic or shiny wrapper can act as a nice ornament to the tree; not to mention it can attract both adults and youngsters to the tree.
  6.  You-Name-It Ornaments: these ornaments are one of the most appreciated Christmas tree decoration ideas as it includes the names of your loved ones on your tree. Whether they are far or spending the holidays with you, this idea will be appreciated and can be kept as keepsake.
  7.  Little Stuffed Toys: If you have just had your first baby, then hanging little stuffed toys from the tree is also one of the Christmas tree decoration ideas that are fit for your home.
  8.  Pom-Pom Snowman: the cuddly soft snowman made from stitching white pom-poms of different sizes make a nice accessory to the winter Christmas tree. You can make them yourself and customize them by tying a scarf of different coloured ribbons or you can just order online.
  9.  Beaded Strings and Balls: if you have run out of Christmas tree decoration ideas, then simply try adding beaded strings as fillers. You can hang them in any pattern you like and it is still going to make your tree look ornamented.
  10.  Hanging Baskets: last but not  least; try hanging little cardboard baskets from your tree branches with the help of ribbons. These baskets can contain any kind of goody you like.

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