5 Super Fun New Year’s Eve Party Games

If you are throwing a party on December 31st, you are going to need some super fun New Year's Eve party games! Check these out!

EIf you are throwing a party on December 31st this year, you are going to need some super fun New Year’s Eve party games!  Games that make you reminisce and look back on the year gone by are the best for this time of year.  I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of games that will do just that for you.  

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Super Fun New Year’s Eve Party Games

Where did the year go?  

This is a fun game based on events of the year.  The object is to place the events in the order that they happened, from early in the year to the end.  The first team to complete (and be correct!) wins!  You can get the free printable for the game here (so you don’t have to come up with all the events on your own!)

The Name Game:

I love this one, it gets so fun!  On index cards, write out one name on each one.  Famous, alive or not, fictional or real, the broader the better!  Donald Duck, Einstein, Princess Diana, you get the idea, basically anyone works!  When your guests arrive, have them pick from a bowl without looking and it gets taped to the back.  They can only ask yes or no questions and only have until midnight to figure out who they are!

Pop Culture 2015:

This is so fun, people really get into it!  So the idea is that you have quotes from songs that came out in 2015, or quotes from famous people or movies and your party guests have to name the person the quote belongs to.  So for example, the first person says, ‘shake it off’ and the first person to yell out Taylor Swift gets a point.  You can break your guests up into 2 teams and they can go head to head!  Here are some free printables for you.

Guess the resolution:

We all make them every year, New Year’s resolutions.  But do you know what your friend’s resolutions are?  When they get to the party, have a bowl, with paper and pen for each guest to write down their New Year’s resolution, and place them in the bowl.  Before midnight, gather everyone together and start reading the resolutions and see if everyone can match them to the person!

Best moment of the year:

This is a great way to get the conversation started!  Put all the cards in a bowl and have each guest choose one at a time.  The cards vary from things like ‘Best Moment of the Year’ to ‘Most Overrated Celebrity Story of the Year’.  It can spark some great debates!  Here are some printables for you to make it easier to have to fun with your friends (and they look super cute too). 


The idea is to throw the best party of the year!  You can do it, I have faith, and these games will make it all the more fun!  I personally like games that make you look back at the year.  You will be ringing in 2016 with good friends and fun games!

Have you played any other fun New Year’s Eve party games?  Share them with us in the comment section below so we can all plan our parties!

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