Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

 Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Halloween can be super fun for both kids and adults; however with little negligence, it can also prove to be hazardous. Here are some trick or treating safety tips for parents that will ensure minimized chances of accidents.

Trick or Treating Safety Tips

  • It is best to always accompany your child/children on their trick or treating trip and if you can’t then have some other trusted adult to go with them.
  • If you think that your kids are old enough to go around in the neighborhood with their friends, then chalk out a trick or treating plan for them. Have them follow the route that you have marked.
  • Also if your kids are going alone, then have them travel in groups only. The larger they are in number, the safer it is for them. They will face fewer chances of getting lost or assaulted by a stranger.
  • Make sure your kids know that they are only going to go trick or treating to the houses that they are acquainted with. They should not try out any new houses or those with dim lights.
  • Tell your kids to not accept free treats from any stranger on the road. It is common for people with bad intentions to step out on Halloween as they are easily disguised amongst other people.
  • Your child SHOULD NOT accept a ride from anyone in mask and who is not revealing his face. It is possible that masked people will try to fool the kids by saying that they are someone the kids know.
  • Make sure that your child carries something that is illuminated. Since trick or treating is mostly carried out in the evenings, it is safer to have them carry a light source, perhaps a torch or a pumpkin lantern. And if they don’t agree to either of these things, then paste some kind of reflectors on their costumes so that they are easily visible to you and to the cars on roads.
  • The masks that kids wear should not obstruct their view or eyesight. A typical ghost costume made out of sheet with cut out eyes, usually comes in front of the eye. So don’t have them wear any such costume that can hurdle in crossing the roads or climbing the stairs. A painted face is better than any kind of mask.
  • Instruct your kids to not enter any house and to get their treats from only the well-lit porches.
  • Ask your kids to bring their candy straight home before having a go at them. This will give you the chance of inspecting if there is anything in there that shouldn’t be.

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