Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Pool Party Ideas for Adults

Get ready for some amazing pool party ideas for adults! 

We’re sharing everything you need to pull off the best outdoor bash this summer! 

The hot summer months are the perfect time for a pool party!

It gives you the opportunity to gather your family and friends for an afternoon of summer fun.

Here are some awesome ideas to help you plan your watery bash!

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Pool Party Ideas for Adults

Get ready for some amazing pool party ideas for adults!  We're sharing everything you need to pull off the best outdoor bash this summer! Check it out!

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A pool party is one of my favorite outdoor birthday party ideas for adults! It’s relatively inexpensive & the pool provides most of the entertainment! Read on for some ideas on how to throw the best bash of the year!

1. Invitations

You want to let everyone know about your pool party, so you’ll need to send out some invites, right? Here are a few ideas:

Get ready for some amazing pool party ideas for adults!  We're sharing everything you need to pull off the best outdoor bash this summer! Check it out!

  • Buy them and fill them out: I love these Pool Party invites from Amazon because they’re perfect for both adult and kid parties. The pack comes with 50 invites, so if you don’t use them all on your party, you can save them for your kids’ parties, too. 
  • Make them and print them out: You can use sites like PicMonkey & Canva to create your own invites, then print them out. This is my favorite option because my hand cramps up when I try to fill out dozens of invites! 
  • Email them: Use a service like Evite to make invitations, then email them to friends. You can also email the invite that you made yourself if you want to save paper (and postage!). 

2. Decorations

Since the swimming pool is the main focus of your party, that’s where the main focus of your decorating should be.

3. Tableware

There are an array of different summer themes that you can use for your pool party when it comes to tableware. 

Party City features a Bright Flip Flops Party Kit for 60 Guests, which comes with lunch and dessert plates, lunch and beverage napkins, plastic cups, cutlery and table covers. Amazon has other summer themes like Summer Scenepool-party-ideas-for-adults and Tropical Tikipool-party-ideas-for-adults.

Want to save money on your tableware? Skip the themed plates and just grab some solid blue and white colored tableware! You can add a special touch with these fun coconut cupspool-party-ideas-for-adults

4. Food & Drink

Since it’s a pool party, not everyone will want to eat at the same time. Set the food out on buffet or serving tables. That way, when your guests get hungry, they can grab a bite to eat! Try to keep it light! While it’s a myth that you can’t swim after you eat, I still feel kind of icky when I swim after eating a heavy meal.

Here are a few easy & delicious ideas:

Grilled Kabobs– Grilled kabobs are always a hit at pool parties! My Recipes has a great recipe for Summer Vegetable Kabobs. The Recipe Critic features a tasty recipe for Grilled Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Skewers. Betty Crocker has an easy recipe for Grilled Teriyaki Beef Kabobs. The Genius Kitchen features a delicious recipe for Grilled Shrimp Kabobs.

Looking for the ultimate picnic side dish? Our cilantro pasta salad recipe is a game changer! Check it out and wow your guests!

Pasta Salads– Pasta salads and summer go together like bread and butter! We have a couple delicious recipes for you to try. My favorite is this  Cilantro Pasta Salad Recipe. I just find cilantro so refreshing! If you want something with a spicier kick, try our chipotle ranch pasta salad!

This is the yummiest pink lemonade recipe you’ve been craving! Perfect for summer parties or just lounging on the beach reading a good book!

Non-Alcoholic Drinks– Even if you opt to serve alcohol at your party, you still need plenty of “virgin” options for guests that don’t drink. Set out drinks like fruit punch, sweet iced tea, fresh pink lemonade and of course, bottled water. 

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5. Party Activities

While swimming is the main event, you might want to plan some fun activities to go along with it. Try these:

  • Volleyball: this classic beach game is relatively cheap to put together. You just need a net and a ball! Grab this volleyball setpool-party-ideas-for-adults on Amazon. You can set this up both inside and out of the pool!
  • Pool noodle joust: Grab a bunch of pool noodles at your local dollar store. Have two guests sit on floats on opposite ends of the pool. Say “go” and the race is on to see who can knock their competitor off the float first!
  • Water basketball: Invest in a  pool side basketball hooppool-party-ideas-for-adults , or grab a cheaper floating hooppool-party-ideas-for-adults and challenge guests to a game of W-A-T-E-R. Basically, it’s the same as HORSE!

The great thing about these pool party ideas for adults: you can do one or all of them and still have an awesome event. It’s hard to go wrong with good friends and refreshing water! 

Do you have any other pool party ideas for adults? Share below!




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