3 Super Fun Indoor Games for the History Lover

These fun indoor history games make for a unique theme party or really help drive home lessons while studying for a big exam. Check them out!

Whether you need to help your kids study for an exam with a bunch of friends or want to throw a unique theme party, you will have fun with these indoor history games! Taking a subject that your kids need to learn more about and turning it into a night of entertainment is a great way to drive really home the lessons. After all, just about everyone loves playing games, right? Check out my favorite indoor history games! 

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Fun Indoor history games


Who doesn’t love a good game of charades?  Write down the names of people throughout history or events and act them out, trying to get your team mates.  You can play 2 ways; you can break your friends up into 2 groups depending on how many are there you can do 3 groups.  One person from each group would stand up at a time and act out their role (that they have chosen from a bowl of paper that you have already written out).  Or, you could just play every man for himself, whoever guesses right is the one to go next.

Who am I?

I love the idea of this game, but I have yet to play it!  Before your guests arrive, create a tag for each one.  As they enter, they need to choose one, blindly, from the bowl and have it places on their back or their forehead, a place they can’t see it.  The object is only to ask yes or no questions to find out who they are.  It’s fun, especially when you are using people in history.  You have so many to choose from so get creative!

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So the idea is that you want to get as many points as possible.  The harder questions are attached to higher points.  Create categories such as ‘US Presidents’, ‘Conflict’, ‘US History’, you get the idea.  You can have a point system that goes from 10 to 100 with 10 questions in each category (the hardest ones will be worth 100 points).  Set your guests (or kids) up 3 at a time, give each one a bell or maybe just tell them to jump when they know the answer.  Whoever gets the right answer, gets to pick the next one.  Who knows their history?

I happen to like history when it is made fun and games.  Learning is fun when you can compete with your friends and see who can get the most points or learn the most about a person (by having to be that person).  So whether you are thinking of having a theme party, or may use this as a way to study for a test, you will have some fun in the process!

Have you played any fun indoor history games?  Share with us in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “3 Super Fun Indoor Games for the History Lover”

  1. I guess we should consider adding more history based games to our fun, so that we can add a bit of education to our activities. I love strategic games the most, so our games nights tend to have that kind of theme more oft than not.

  2. Neely Moldovan

    I am such a nerd because I love charades. My husband makes fun of me because whenever we do game nights with friends thats always what I pick!

  3. What a fun idea. My oldest is a huge history buff. I’m sure he would love to play games like this with me. He really enjoys anything that has to do with History.

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