Hopping into spring activities with your children!

Hopping into spring activities with kidsWe just sprang forward our clocks. The first day of spring was the 20th of March. All of that makes me excited that warmer weather is coming. I am not a lover of extreme hot or extreme cold. I enjoy spring rains and the warmth of a little sunshine. It is time to venture outside after our long hibernation. At the dollar places yesterday I saw lots of fun spring activities that I miss doing with my girls. At 12 and 16 they have outgrown some of those things. There is still lots of fun to be had outside. Often these spring activities can be accomplished with only a little money or even with things you have around the house!

Spring activities for kids

  • The little ones would love to get outside and practice hopping like a bunny. This is a perfect time to see if they can hop on two feet and then one and the other. Mom and Dad can try it too. You used to be able to do that! Also pick up some inexpensive sidewalk chalk and let them decorate the walk with bunnies, flowers and whatever else in springtime colors. My girls still enjoy this spring activity.
  • If your children are in early grade school, you might try some hopscotch. Other some sidewalk games include four square or jump rope. Also on a nice day wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to practice for the spelling test outside. They could write out their words on the walkway in sidewalk chalk. That is a lot more fun than sitting inside.
  • Older grade school kids may enjoy collecting bugs. Find some old jars to trap them in. Then you can place them in the freezer for overnight or longer. The bugs can then be mounted on a piece of cardboard or Styrofoam with pins. You can search together for the proper names of the creatures. Also this age group is gaining interest in playing team sports. Moms and Dads can help them help them practice their skills. You can set up a impromptu soccer goal between two plastic flower pots that are just sitting in the garage.
  • Your teens and tweens generally are busy. It is still nice to do family activities with them during the spring. Take the time to help them with sport activities if you can. Go to their games. Remember that your sportsmanship reflects on them though. If you can get them to slow down enough, a relaxing talk on the porch swing is nice this time of year too. It is amazing what you learn about your children when you take the time to listen.

Spring is here and it is nice to be outside again. Enjoy time with your family and those spring activities. Keep hopping!

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  1. we’ve been out a few times already but i never think to do hopscotch with my boys.

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