Halloween Costumes For The Thrifty

Halloween can be an expensive time of year for parents. You have to go out and buy costumes, Halloween decorations, and do not dare forget the candy. Whew that sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Well I am here to tell you that at least your Halloween costumes do not have to cost you a lot of money. You can make some Halloween costumes out of things that you have lying around the house. Read the rest of this article for ideas of Halloween costumes you can make from home.


Homemade Halloween Costumes For Adults

A Halloween costume can be made out of clothes you wear all the time. I know one person that is a die hard Georgia Bulldogs fan. This same person also like Fairly Odd Parents. So they came up with the idea of being the Fairy for the Georgia Bulldogs. All she did was wear a red shirt and some jeans along with a tiara and a wand that she bought from a drug store for under $10.00. Of course she had to spend a lot of time explaining what she was to people that didn’t watch Fairly Odd Parents.

You could go as a human word search puzzle. All you would have to do would be to wear something that is a light color (so you could be seen when it gets dark) and cover yourself with felt letters (stick some Velcro to the felt so it will stick to your clothes). Be sure that a few of the letters actually spell words. You could probably also do this with numbers and become a Sudoku puzzle.

Handmade Halloween Costumes For Kids

Your kid could be a giant Lego piece for Halloween. This costume is fairly easy to make. You just need a box that is the same size as the kid is. Cut the box into a rectangle shape and glue several circular containers (something that used to contain butter, cottage cheese, or yogurt) to the top of the box and Voila! you have a very cute Lego piece.
Another idea for a Halloween costume is for your kid to go as a jelly bean. You could dress your kid up in one single color (like all in red or all in black) and just say that they are the red jelly bean or the black jelly bean. If you have more than one kid to dress up, that is even better. You can just dress them up in different colors and have the whole set of jelly beans. Halloween costumes don’t have to cost a fortune.
You don’t have to stand in line for hours at Party City looking for that certain costume. If you use some of the ideas I gave in this article, you will be well on your way to having some cute Halloween costumes that did not break your budget. With the extra money you saved, you can go buy some candy or  Halloween decorations!
About the author: DeAnna Troupe is a small business coach. She runs her business while she works a part time job and raises four kids with her husband