Halloween: Staying Safe While Eating Sweets

Halloween candy is arguably the best part of Halloween. It is one of the things kids and adults look forward to all year. However, it is possible to get sick if you are not careful when you enjoy your spooky treats. Here are some tips to help you stay safe during Halloween while enjoying your Halloween candy.


Halloween Hint-Check Your Child’s Candy Bag

Halloween Presents

Always check the candy before your child eats it. Even though you think people in your neighborhood are all on the up and up, you could be wrong. Be sure to inspect all candy that your child receives while they are trick or treating. Look for any abnormalities (sharp edges on candy that is supposed to be round, missing wrappers). If you think a piece of candy does not look right throw it out.

Never accept homemade treats.

I know people are trying to be creative when they make Halloween goods. Steer clear of these because there is no label for you to read so you don’t know what’s in the item your child is about to eat. You don’t really know what some people’s intentions are. It is best just to stick with the individually wrapped candy that comes from the store.

Read the label of your child’s Halloween candy.

Halloween Candy
If at all possible, read the label of your kid’s candy. Make sure that there is nothing in the candy that your kid is allergic to. Don’t let your kid get so hung up on the candy that she forgets about her allergies. It’s best to do all of this before the child gets a hold of the candy so you don’t have to fight to get the bag away from her. If the candy doesn’t have a label on it, don’t give it to your child.

Alternatives To Trick Or Treating

Okay if reading those tips gives you a headache or you just plain out don’t have time for all of that, read on. There are tons of other ways to celebrate Halloween without trick or treating. You could go to a trunk or treat. Basically instead of going from house to house you go to a church and get candy from people’s trunks. If you go to a church, go to one that your church is having. This is a big help because it will be people you already know well.

If you don’t want to take your kids trick or treating, you could turn your house into Halloween headquarters. You can host the party complete with a haunted house. You can give out the candy. That way you know the candy that your kids will be receiving will be safe.Halloween should be marked by fun, not by tragedy. It is sad that you have to take such precautions when your kids are enjoying Halloween. However, if you do just use your head and follow the tips given in this article, your little one should have a fun and enjoyable Halloween.About the author
DeAnna Troupe is a small business coach. She runs her business while she works a part time job and raises four kids with her husband