Things You Need to Know Before Firing Up the Grill

With BBQ season under way, it's important to know these grilling tips & tricks to make sure you and your family have the safest & yummiest season possible.

The weather is heating up, which means it’s time for you to head out and fire up the grill! Before you turn up the heat, however, be sure to put safety first with these grilling  tips and tricks that will not only help you serve a delicious meal, but also make sure that no one gets hurt in the process! After all, nothing takes the fun out of a family outing like a trip to the emergency room to treat burns and food poisoning!

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Grilling Tips: Safety First!

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Have Water On Hand

Before firing up the grill, make sure you have some water on hand. This could be something as simple as a spray bottle or a cup of water. You’ll need this on hand so that you can help control any flare ups or extra-large flames, preventing anything from getting burnt.

Don’t forget to Pre-Heat

If you’re planning to make dinner on the grill today, don’t forget to pre-heat first. Pre-heating the grill will ensure that it is the right temperature for cooking. It will also help clean the grates of any bacteria and make it easier for you to scrape off any old food. Pre-heating the grill is both a safe and sanitary tip that will help you prepare the best grilled food around.

Use a Meat Thermometer

No one wants to spend money on meat, only to have it undercooked or overcooked on the grill. A great way to make sure you have properly cooked meat is to have a meat thermometer on hand before firing up the grill. Not only will the meat thermometer help you cook your meat exactly how you like it, it will also ensure that the food you make is safe to eat.

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Keep it Clean

If you want safe grilling then you need to keep your grill clean. Brush off the grates with a grill brush before and after you cook on the grill. This will help make sure that no debris is left to soil or contaminate your fresh food. This will also help ensure that your food tastes great.

Make It a No-Kids Zone

Your grill can get hot, which means that you need to ensure that no one around gets hurt. Because kids tend to run around and play, you might want to make your grilling area a No-Kids Zone before turning up the heat. This will help prevent anyone you care about from being accidentally burned or hurt, making it one of the most important grilling tips!

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10 thoughts on “Things You Need to Know Before Firing Up the Grill”

  1. These are all great tips. But we also keep a fire extinguisher in our garage for our gas grill. You just never know… Happy Father’s Day and I hope that everyone has a safe grilling day!

  2. I am always cleaning up the bbq. we love using the bbq all we can, and yes definitely a no kid zone, it gets really hot.

  3. Thanks so much for the great tips. I have been grilling less than I normally do because my neighbor sends her toddler over when she sees me grilling. I have to take him in and out with me when I run inside to get anything because she doesn’t come out to watch him. I worry about the grill getting hot around him.

  4. Great tips for grilling. We love to grill everything tastes better. We always make sure the kidddos are no where around. I can’t wait for some summer grilling

  5. These are great tips, luckily my husband does all the grilling in our house. I always make sure the kids are watching daddy from pretty far away. That always makes me nervous.

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