Fall Craft Ideas For Kids

Fall season is the right time to involve kids in craft works using various items such as colorful leaves and twigs gifted by the nature. Here are some fall craft ideas for kids that you can make them work after school hours.

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids

  • Making boats with nut shell: Pick up a walnut-shell, colorful fall leaf, twig and a very little amount of clay. Make sure that the leaf is of large size and half of the walnut-shell is intact. Now, hook the leaf on to the twig to make it a sail. Place the twig with leaf in the walnut-shell using clay and your boat is ready. To make this fall craft even more enthusiastic and funny place a small toy or make one with clay and place it in the boat.
  • Thanksgiving card: An interesting thanksgiving card can be made using fall color crayons. Place the crayons in a mold of your choice. A leaf-shaped or a flower shaped mold would be attractive. After placing the crayons in the mold keep it in the oven and heat it at 180 degrees for about fifteen minutes. During this time, the crayons melt and the colored solution fills the mold. Let the mold cool for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Now, pop out the mold and stick the shape on a thick card. Make the card attractive by pasting colorful leaves or memorable photos of your loved one. Lastly, include an interesting message on the card.
  • Colorful wreaths: Gather colorful leaves from your backyard. Take a paper plate and cut out a small circle from the center of it. Now, paste the leaves around the edges of the paper plate. You can even paste small twigs here and there. If the child is interested you can ask them to include a message or their name in the center of the wreath. This cute wreath can be used as a decorative piece to your door.
  • Artwork with twigs and leaves: If the child loves to spend time outdoors then involve him in outdoor activities. Just gather the leaves and twigs and motivate him to make sculptures out of them. Place the twigs in between the tall branches and pin the colorful leaves to the twigs in different patterns. These sculptures make your garden even more beautiful. This is one of the easiest fall craft ideas because anything goes!

These fall craft ideas for kids will definitely fill their little hearts with joy and happiness and will drive them towards taking up even more enthusiastic craft works.

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