Do you go shopping on Boxing Day


Boxing Day is a shopping holiday in Canada which takes place on the day after Christmas. It is like the Black FRIDAY in the US: Most retailers have huge discounts. The stores are very crowded. Many people wait for hours in front of some shops especially at consumer electronics retailers! Many people stay home to avoid the overcrowded malls!









If you go shopping on Boxing Day, you may consider the following

1-      Leave the kids home: The stores are overcrowded. Some people may not pay attention to little ones. The wait can be too long for them. One of your relatives could baby sit for you while you are enjoying the saving

2-      Plan your shopping: You should know what you are purchasing in advance. You do not go on Boxing Day for window shopping.

3-      Wear appropriate clothes and layers: You may wait few hours outside in the cold weather. But inside the stores are heated and with all the people around it can be very hot.

4-      Be patient: Many people have the same goal as you do. So you may wait long hours to purchase the item you are looking for. This item can also be sold out as retailers have limited quantities of highly discounted products.

5-      Bring some snacks: They can be handy when you are waiting at a store.  Avoid drinking lots of liquid as the restrooms may be crowded too.

6-      Consider cyber shopping. Some retailers have great cyber deals that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

7-      Shop later during the week: Many shops have a boxing week where all the discounts are available all week long. You may not find the exact item you are looking for but you will avoid the crowd.


And you do you go shopping on Boxing Day? Share your experiences with us! Happy Shopping.

1 thought on “Do you go shopping on Boxing Day”

  1. Wow, haven’t heard of Boxing Day since the old days in Uni in Australia.

    Isn’t Boxing Day supposed to be the day your ‘boxed’ up all your Christmas ornaments, etc…

    Being a broke student, I couldn’t afford the boxes… LOL So, we just went fishing, instead…

    Happy New Year!!!!

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