Decor on a Dime: How to Save Money on Holiday Decorations

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decor-dime-how-to-save-money-holiday-decorations Part of the magic of the holiday season is all of the beautiful decor. If you love to decorate but just can’t find the room in your budget this year, don’t panic. Below, you will find some helpful tips for how to save money on holiday decorations while still creating a look you will love. You can still make your own look lovely and festive but for a whole lot less, it just takes a little planning.  Take a look at how simple it can be!

How to Save Money on Holiday Decorations:

1. Visit your local thrift stores.
You can find festive fabrics, faux greenery, candle holders, colorful plates and more at your local thrift stores for just pennies. Visit your local thrift store and see what holiday decorations you can find. It is an easy way to snag some great decor on a dime.

2. Stock up on fabric.
Colorful holiday fabrics can be used in a variety of ways. Find holiday fabrics for as little as $1.99 a yard and use it for a wrap around tree skirt, a table cloth, a table runner, or to recover old throw pillows. Fabric can transform any room or item for that matter with a quick pop of color.

3. Add instant ambiance with light.
You can add an instant warm glow when you drape a strand of twinkle lights or light up some votive candles. Display such items on your mantel, bookshelves, or any dark area that can use some soft light. Twinkle lights and votives can be found at most dollar stores, so not only are they effective but they are inexpensive as well.

4. Visit a local tree stand.
This is a great tip for how to save money on holiday decorations! While visiting your local tree stand, ask for the pine scraps that you find on the ground. These pine branches can be used to make wreaths and other fragrant bundles that look lovely! Wrap them around your mantel, hang them from your door, or create swags to display in your home. You can’t beat free.

5. Get crafty.
You can easily fill an empty sauce jar with dollar store potpourri and a battery operated votive, or you can buy an inexpensive spool of ribbon and drape it from stairways or mantels. Find basic items such as ribbon and use it in creative ways. Better yet, invite some friends over and get crafty together!

6. Use old objects in new ways.
An strand of broken twinkle lights may seem like something you should toss away, but instead unscrew the colorful bulbs and gather them in a clear jar or candy bowl. They will add a pop of color when set out  and look like something you picked up at a boutique. An outdated wreath can be transformed with a new bow or some hot glued ornaments added to it as well. Get creative and find ways to upcycle old decor items and save.

7. Invest in one nice piece per year.
Allow yourself to splurge on one nice decorative piece per year that you know will last you for years to come. This way, you slowly accumulate decor that you can reuse from year to year. It is also a great way to remember each Christmas.

If you have been curious about how to save money on holiday decorations, hopefully these tips have given you some great ideas. You can still enjoy decor you can be proud of and feel festive about without going in debt. Give these tips to save money a try and get your home looking lovely for the holidays for less. Happy decorating!

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