Make Your Parties a Blast with the Coolest Tech For Outdoor Entertaining

Planning fun backyard parties this spring & summer? Check out our favorite tech for outdoor entertaining to really take your event to the next level!

Warmer temperatures mean that it is time to think about the Coolest Tech For Outdoor Entertaining. From barbecues with friends and family, to fun community block parties these pieces will be perfect to keep your guests happy and the party hopping. Transition from a casual afternoon with your favorite grilled foods to a fun evening party that everyone will be talking about.


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Waterproof Solar LED Lights: These simple lights are perfect for hanging around your homes exterior. The solar power means that a sunny day will provide you with an evening of light at no cost to you! While these aren’t what some would consider a tech item, we love them and feel they are just what most tech guru’s would be looking for in a quality light source.

Waterproof LED Solar Lights: Coolest Tech For Outdoor Entertaining

Weather Resistant Waterproof Outdoor Stereo Speaker System: Every party needs some great tunes to liven things up. When you have kids running around in sprinklers, you need something that is going to be water proof and weather resistant. This stereo speaker system is the perfect choice for using outside on your patio year round. No fear of weather damage and always ready for your next party.

Water Resistent Outdoor Speaker: Coolest Tech For Outdoor Entertaining

Wireless Portable PA System: You know you want to grab the microphone and belt out the latest hit song at your next party. Have a fun outdoor karaoke party with this great portable PA system. Wireless and battery operated it is the perfect option to take anywhere from your backyard to the beach. Keep clear of water for safety, but enjoy a fun and easy to use systemto make your next event the best party yet.

Wireless Portabl PA System

Lumens Home Theater Projector: Nothing is as much fun as showing the latest new release DVD on big screen right in your back yard. Set up with this projector on the outside wall of your garage, shop or house to project the latest movie for a fun at home theater like experience everyone will love.

Lumens Home Theater Projector: Coolest Tech For Outdoor Entertaining

These are by far our favorites in the list of coolest tech for outdoor entertaining. Not only will they make your next party a hit event, you’ll find yourself wanting to throw more shindigs this year. Bring the party and music alive with great lights, sound equipment and of course the projector that will give you a whole new movie viewing experience. Grab these along with your favorite party foods and drinks for an epic outdoor event!

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  1. Jennifer Williams

    We just moved to an area where we’ll want to entertain outdoors much more; we’ve been looking at what we should get to enhance our experience. Thank you for the recommendations!

  2. Those weather resistant speakers are definitely something I would probably invest in for my mother’s backyard ore my sister-in-laws back porch!

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