Celebrate the Power of Birthdays With Amazing Cake Recipes #BirthdaysCount

Celebrate the power of birthday with our cake recipes for all ages, from kids to classy adults. Plus check out the moving Ebridge 100 Birthdays Video!

Birthdays are pretty powerful days that are full of memories. I’ve always loved my birthday.  I make sure I have a cake so I can make my wish! I absolutely love that birthday wish, and I’m not alone! Did you know that 60% of Canadians makes a wish when they blow out the candle? The most important part is that I have my close friends and family  to share it with,  then my birthday is complete. Today we’re sharing our favourite cake recipes for kids and adults! Check them out, then read on for a very special Enbridge 100 Birthdays Video and Twitter Party!

Spectacular Cake Recipes for All Ages

A good birthday cake doesn’t have to be your typical cake with gobs of frosting and happy messages. Our cake recipes think outside the “bought in a grocery store” look. They truly are birthday cakes for all ages, from 1 to 100!

Adorable Birthday Cake Recipes for Kids



Let’s start with something for the kids! Our Outer Space cake is actually MUCH easier to make than it looks. With a few healthier swaps, it’s also better for your than a store-bought cake. Plus it’s pretty cute, don’t you think?



Your favourite little hero will LOVE this super hero cake that finally brings Spiderman and Superman together! It’s the tastiest Marvel/DC crossover ever!


We’re off to see the Wizard with this super easy yet oh-so-pretty Wizard of Oz cake! While it’s perfect for the kiddos, this one could also be spectacular on your grown-up party table too!

Birthday Cakes for the Sophisticated Palate


For the super sophisticated palate, try our pound cake with Mango Chutney Cream Cheese icing!! Add candles around the ring, or place one larger (unscented) candle in the middle for a stunning look.


For autumn birthdays, take advantage of that fall harvest with a delicious upside-down apple cake recipe! Can’t you just feel the sweet apples melting in your mouth?


Our simple yet tasty low-cal pound cake recipe is one of our most popular cakes because you can dress it up any way you want. Of course, it’s also delicious all by itself!

Celebrating the Power of Birthdays with Enridge

Enbridge knows it takes a lot of power to fuel birthdays and bake those cakes that create special memories! While they are not stirring the batter, they provide you with the energy to bake the cake and fuel your families traditions. To celebrate delivering natural gas in Ontario for over 165 years, Enbridge has created a beautiful 100 Birthdays video, check it out!

How neat to see 100 people from every age from 1 to 100 blowing out their candles! It reminds me how much I love celebrating birthday traditions with my favourite people, and I’m not alone. According to recent Enbridge survey data, 91% of Canadians think it’s important to celebrate birthdays of family and friends. They also found 82% of people felt more special when someone put energy into their birthday. Having birthday traditions is important, no matter how you celebrate.


Enridge Twitter party birthday special moments

Join in on a great chat about how you can make birthdays special. Head over to the Enbridge Birthday Twitter party on August 14th. Use the hashtag #BirthdaysCount to follow along!

Party Details:

During the party you can also win a $100 or $25 Visa Gift Card. Head over to Parent Tested, Parent Approved for details. Submit your photo of a funny or special birthday moment during the party for a chance to win!

How do you celebrate YOUR birthday? Tell us in the comments!


“Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Enbridge and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”


48 thoughts on “Celebrate the Power of Birthdays With Amazing Cake Recipes #BirthdaysCount”

  1. These cakes are wonderful. My daughter loves to bake, and I’m sure she would love to see all of these. She did a replica of my husband’s and my wedding cake for our 10th anniversary from a picture, and it was perfect. I could hardly believe it. Mine came straight from a bakery I might add. I’m so proud of her.

  2. We usually celebrate my birthday with a special dinner out and then cake at home. I love all of these cakes but I know my boys would love the superhero cake and the outer space theme also.

  3. These are all great ideas for birthday cakes indeed. I love the Wizard of Oz birthday cake and I would love to have this one for my birthday cake for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love those ideas! I really do like the Wizard of Oz. It’s been one of my favorite movies for years! I would probably make it a rainbow cake for the inside to give it a more colorful look :)

  5. Such beautiful cakes! My favorite was a Smurf shaped cake with blue icing – what a mess, but I even recently bought a vintage pan to try it myself! Such fun memories around birthday cake.

  6. These are all amazingly decorated cakes, when I was a kid my mum used to make a point of decorating our cakes according to what we were loving then plus the ‘normal’ cake with just your age and name

  7. Thank you so much for the “food for thought”. Gifts are great, but birthday cakes make people feel special. You gave me an idea for everyone I know!

  8. I MUST try the Cream Cheese Pound Cake! It almost made me think it was a baklava cake at first though based on first sight. Either way I would love to try that! I am NOT the baker in this household, that would be my daughter – I am the one who cooks. I would love to eat any of these cakes. My hubby would prefer the Superman cake though lol

  9. I love those cakes anf the Apple Upside Down cake looks delicious (can you tell I’m a Fall baby?). But in all honesty all I ever wanted and my Mom made for me were JELLO Birthday cakes!! Jello is still my favorite.

  10. Oh, I love these ideas! Especially the outer space theme. My two middle babies are turning 6 and 5 within the next few weeks, so I’m always looking for ideas right now!

    1. Our Family World

      Happy Birthday to them! Cupcakes are a great alternative to a big cake. Of course you still want a bigger one for him to blow out his candles :) Hope their birthdays are wonderful!

    1. Our Family World

      Practice makes perfect! Plus, the good new is they taste the same no matter how they look. :) Go have fun with it!

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