5 Baby Shower Games For an Epic Party

Need a few baby shower games to take your party from eh to epic? Check out our favorite ideas that your guests will love!

What’s a baby shower without games, right? Luckily, there are tons of fun baby shower games floating around the Internet. So many, in fact, you might just find it hard to decide which ones to play. But, there’s no reason to panic! I’ve come up with a few suggestions, to get you started. Check them out and get ready to throw a party that has everyone talking!

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Baby Shower Games For an Epic Party

Baby Food Tasting Contest

Before the party, buy several packs of different flavors of baby food. Tear the labels off of each jar and write a number on each of the lids. Don’t forget to choose a different number for each flavor.

The object of the game is to guess the contents of as many jars as possible. Set out the mystery jars, along with an empty container and slips of paper for guests to jot down their answers.

To add a charitable twist to the game, ask everyone to bring a predetermined number of jars to the shower. Suggest they bring a few jars for the contest and leave the labels on others for the new baby to eat at a later date (just be sure the food won’t expire before baby can eat it!)

Don’t Say Baby

This game is easy and a lot of fun to play throughout the entire party. As people start to congregate, hand each of them a clothespin or safety pin to pin somewhere on their person. Once everyone arrives, tell them that they cannot say the word “baby.”

If anyone catches that person saying the word, they lose their clothespin. Whoever has their pin the longest wins. If there’s enough time left in the party, you can hand out more clothespins and start another game once the first one ends.

Guess Mommy’s Measurements

Pass around a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors to each guest. Then, have each guest cut off a length of yarn that they think compares to the mother-to-be’s belly measurements. Once everyone has made a guess, have mommy wrap each piece around her belly to see who is the winner. Make sure mom-to-be is okay with this game in advance, though. If she’s feeling particular self-conscious, she may not want everyone trying to figure out exactly how big her belly has grown!

Baby Picture Match-up

To play this game, make sure you mention on your invitations that each guest needs to bring a baby picture of themselves. When your guests show up, take the pictures and hang them up on a wall or fridge. Then, see who can guess the identity of the most baby photos.

Shower Gift Bingo

To play this spin on classic bingo, hand out blank bingo cards to each guest. Have everybody fill out each space on the card with guesses for what gifts the mother-to-be will untimely receive. While the gifts are being opened, have your guests mark off a square each time that sort of gift is opened. Anytime a guest gets a bingo, give them a prize.


Armed with these suggestions for fun baby shower games, you should find it a lot easier to plan the event. Remember, there’s no strict set of rules you need to follow. It’s all about getting together with the mom-to-be’s family and friends to celebrate an upcoming birth. Playing games makes a memorable occasion all the more memorable.

Does your family or group of friends play any fun baby shower games at your parties? Share in the comments!

15 thoughts on “5 Baby Shower Games For an Epic Party”

  1. All neat ideas! At mine we did a guess the candy bar in the diaper game. Kind of gross I know, but fun! :)

  2. These are all such fun games. We love to play games at our baby showers! I don’t think I’d want to do the tasting one though LOL

  3. That whole, don’t say baby game, is a lot harder than you think it’s going to be. Seriously…tried it and I failed horribly.

  4. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com

    My baby shower was 14 years ago but we did play the “dont say baby” game and a few other games. It was a lot of fun, and games make it a little less stressful for mom to be too! I remember mine was really nerve wracking because it was my first baby and it was close!

  5. I love playing these kids of games at baby showers. I haven’t been to one in about 5 years, but we just found out my cousin is expecting this November, so I am looking forward to going the shower this fall! I hope these games will be on the schedule!

  6. I haven’t been to a baby shower in a good number of years. They didn’t have any games like this back in those days, its always interesting to see what people are doing.

  7. These are all really cute games. There’s nothing more fun than playing games that have us all cackling like mad women. LOL

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