15 Football Tailgating Gear Ideas To Upgrade Your Game Day

Upgrade your Game Day with 15 football tailgating gear ideas to rock your party.Are YOU ready for some football? There have already been some amazing games this season, and there are more to come. At this point in the season, you might realize your tailgate party could use an upgrade. Maybe you find yourself always sitting on your Coleman cooler, or when you were grilling those dogs your jersey got splattered with grease. We have found the solutions to pump up your celebrations whether you tailgate at the game or from your living room.  The team logo items have lots of logo choices, so you will be sure to find your team.

Psst, hey you mom in the minivan at every sports meet for your kid? Many of these items will make those weekend trips and time in the stands more comfortable for the whole fam whether you find yourself at track meets football games or swim meets. Check out some of our picks below!

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Football Tailgating Gear Ideas To Upgrade Your Game Day

So one of my favorite items is this 6 Can Tube Cooler (Number 1). Where has this over the shoulder cooler been all of my life? This cooler makes it a MILLION times easier to bring along a few cold ones without lugging a bulky cooler. If you are sick of cold sandwiches out of your trunk, now is the time to pick up that handy Tex Sport Compact Propane Stove. Once you have one you will find you use it on the go all the time for tailgating and it doubles for camping.

Game Day 1

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This post has no shortage of cool coolers, and I love the Folding Cooler. (Number 9) This cooler does double as extra seating for when everyone is crammed in close together to watch the last play. It is also slim enough to store in a closet. My husband would go wild over the Grill Instructor Wembley Man Grilling Apron (Nuber 7). This funny apron has a pocket for everything. Also includes is  a bottle opener on the apron so you can always open your fav cold beverage.

Game Day 2

The Uniform Blanket with Sleeves (Number 11) is rocking my socks. It’s essentially a Snuggi with a full uniform printed on it so you stay warm for those chilly games in the stands. I love the Metallic Travel Coffee Mugs. This would make a perfect Christmas gift for several sports fans in my family. I also like the Picnic Time Team Cutting Board (Number 15) which will look adorable whether you are hosting the party at your house or bringing some snacks to share at your friend’s party.

Game Day 3

I always like to take one look at all the items all together for a roundup. That way I never miss a cool piece.

Game Day Essentials NO HEADER (1)

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So readers, which item would you pick? What team would you pick for the logo items?

Image Credit: “Edward Jones Dome endzone view” by Clstds

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