Great Gardening Prep Ideas For Kids

Check out these Gardening Prep Ideas For Kids that you can start using now even though it is still cold outside! Great for teaching kids nature skills!

It may still be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put these Great Gardening Prep Ideas For Kids to good use already.  Gardening starts with simple steps taken inside your home before you even consider stepping outside to plant something.  Getting your kids involved in the process is not only helpful to you when it comes time for you to plant items when warm weather comes along, but in helping them to enjoy eating the fruits of their labor.  Everyone wants to add more vegetables to their kids diets.  Getting them involved in garden prep is a great way to make that happen.


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Start with lessons about how gardening works.  Before you begin prep for your garden, you need to explain the dynamics of a garden with your kids.  Even just the basic ideas behind how a seed grows will help them to understand the process.  Gardening Lab For Kids is a great book to pick up and use to teach them more about gardening, as well as give you both some fun ideas for ways to do things when Spring arrives.

Start seeds early.  There are a multitude of starter kits out there to choose from, but these that come with soil pods and a simple greenhouse style lid are perfect. Make a list of the vegetables you want to grow.  Read about them to see about how long it takes for them to germinate and be ready to plant.  Make notes and begin the seeds as suggested a few weeks or month before they should be planted.  Remember that warmer temperatures will arrive at varying times, but you can get your seeds, starter kits and information all ready to create a simple area to let them grow ahead of time.

Start an indoor herb garden.  Let them try their hand at an indoor herb or lettuce garden before they set out to start a garden outside or in containers.  This is a perfect way for them to watch the growth process, and feel like they have accomplished something.  There are several methods of doing this, but the easiest way is to invest in an indoor aero garden.

As you learn more about how seeds germinate, grow and eventually provide you with more seeds to plant in the future, you can enjoy watching your children learn and have fun eating the foods they have helped to grow.  These gardening prep ideas for kids are easy to implement and will leave your kids excited and ready to plant their very first vegetable and herb garden.

Do you have any other gardening prep ideas for kid? Share them in the comments!

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  1. I usually choose seeds that are direct-sow, like lettuce greens or zucchini. They love to check each day to see if we can pick anything!

  2. We have had great success planting a garden with my girls. They took their responsibility to cultivate, water and harvest the fruits and veggies we planted very seriously. I think they would love to start an herb garden and I know I would love the fresh herbs!

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