5 Gorgeous Upcycled Home Decor Items For Earth Day

With Earth Day fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about using things around you to create some of these 5 Gorgeous Upcycled Home Decor Items For Earth Day. Not only can you show that you are willing to go green and save resources, you are making something unique and original to decorate your home with. These are some of our favorite finds on Pinterest that are sure to be your favorites as well!

Show your love for our planet by making over your home with these five gorgeous upcycled home decor items for Earth Day! Perfect easy DIY weekend projects!

5 Gorgeous Upcycled Home Decor Items For Earth Day

Upcycled Shutter End Table: Anyone who has purchased an older home has found shutters attached to the outside. While shutters rarely serve their functional purpose these days, they can be painted, nailed together and used to create a fun and beautiful upcycled home décor item such as an end table or plant stand.

Upcycled Wooden Frame Key Hanger: Everyone needs a place to hang their keys so they don’t get lost. This is a simple, yet gorgeous way to upcycle home décor and make it into something functional and beautiful. Any frame will work, but especially those that are carved or ornate. Grab some sand paper and paint and create a unique new item to hang in your entry way, or near your garage door that will be both beautiful and serve to keep your keys all in one location.

Upcycled Window Shelf: Old windows are a popular item to use as an upcycled shelf, mirror or place to hang keys, hats or scarves. A few fun knobs or hooks and a coat of paint can create a great new piece of décor that not only celebrates Earth Day because it is upcycled, but also gives you and your home a bright lift of color.

Upcycled Pans Wreath: This is one of our favorite pieces. Many times we have old cookie sheets, serving platters or pizza pans that have been warped or perhaps even rusted. This idea was perfect for creating a large upcycled silver wreath using old pieces from your kitchen. Simply attach to the wall in a wreath shape and create a beautiful upcycled home décor item for Earth Day that will be a bright unique focal piece.

Upcycled Suitcase Medicine Cabinet: This may be our favorite of all the pieces for it’s unique method of not only upcycling and upgrading your home décor, but specifically your bathroom. Grab an older suitcase at your local thrift shop, clean it up and add a mirror to the outside and shelves to the inside. This unique find will create the perfect Earth Day treasure in your bathroom.

This year you can celebrate by creating one of these gorgeous upcycled home décor ideas for Earth Day! With a few things found around your home, in your shop or at local thrift shops and a bit of ingenuity you too can create beautiful upcycled home décor items.

What are your favorite upcycled home decor items for Earth Day? Tell us in the comments!

23 thoughts on “5 Gorgeous Upcycled Home Decor Items For Earth Day”

  1. I love the idea of re-purposing items, the shutter side table is very inspiring as well as the window/coat rack, I need to develop those kinds of eyes to see the potential, very cool!

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    You’ve made some beautiful things out of stuff that others would throw away. I too love the little table made from shutters, I would never have thought of that.

  3. Amanda Alvarado

    I love the upcycled key hanger! Not too sure about the luggage medicine cabinet – wouldn’t it be too heavy for the wall? I’d be afraid it would rip out from the wall and fall!

  4. I like the idea of the repurposed vintage old window. I think this would be nice in my front entrance.

  5. These are such great ideas! I love digging around at flea markets and thrift shops. I would much rather buy something older, with character, and fix it up than buy something new.

  6. That SUITCASE Medicine cabinet is INSANE!! What a BRILLIANT idea! I have so many suitcases that aren’t being used, but I’m too “attached” to get rid of them. How about if we need it for a big trip, how about if we need to it store stuff? But Now I can repurpose it for something in the home. That is so clever!

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