Thrifty St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Luck of the Irish Candle Holder


This St. Patrick’s Day season, bring the luck of the Irish into your home with this Luck of the Irish Candle Holder. Also usable as a vase, this thrifty St. Patrick’s Day craft is the perfect way to add a little green and St. Patrick’s Day spirit to your surroundings.


Simple to make and easy to assemble in just minutes, this is one St. Patrick’s Day craft anyone can make and everyone will enjoy. Take a peek below at how you can create your own so you too can feel the luck of the Irish! We’ve added a couple of affiliate links in case you need help finding supplies.


St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Luck of the Irish Candle Holder


Supplies needed:

We were able to find the square glass candle holder, the foam clovers, and the scissors and glue at our local dollar store. Scrapbook  paper in a variety of St. Patrick’s Day prints was found at my local craft store for around .25 cents per sheet. One sheet goes a long way, so this is one craft that is just as budget friendly as it is beautiful.


  1.  Begin by cutting a two inch thick strip of scrapbook paper. Wrap the paper around the candle holder and secure it with craft glue.
  2.  Glue one of the foam clovers to the front of the candle holder directly over the paper. Press it firmly into place so that it adheres well.
  3.  Cut a square from the scrapbook paper. We chose a square but you can do any shape you wish. Just cut out something that will offer some variety and contrast. Glue it directly over the clover, pressing firmly.
  4.  Add any additional flare you wish such as glitter or additional cut out shapes. We kept ours simple since we used a busy pattern on our scrapbook paper. You can do what works for you and fits your tastes.

Your Luck of the Irish Candle Holder is now ready to be used. Drop in a votive candle or battery operated votive and watch it glow. You can also use this piece as a vase and fill it with your favorite flowers. Or, you can use it as a candy bowl. Either way, it is sure to get some use and for just a few dollars, give you some St. Patrick’s Day bang for your buck.

So give this thrifty St. Patrick’s Day craft a try. It is one you as well as your budget are sure to love. Looking for another easy St. Patrick’s Day craft? Check out our Cute St. Patrick’s Decor centerpiece!

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  1. What I fun and easy craft. I bet after St. Patricks day you could pull the supplies off and redecorate for the next holiday.

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