5 Simple DIY Earth Day Projects That Are Instantly Adorable


With Earth Day almost here I have been on the hunt for a DIY Earth Day project that is fun and has a good message. Earth Day is an ideal time to focus on ideas like reusing what you have, recycling, and why plants are important to your kids. Teach your kiddos to be good stewards of the planet and have some fun making some of these simple DIY Earth Day projects.

5 Simple DIY Earth Day Projects That Are Instantly Adorable

I think my favorite part of these projects is they are all easy to pull together. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get overwhelmed feeling like I need to prepare for an activity. All of these DIY Earth Day projects have a quick prep time, check them out!

Wildflower Seed Bombs


Start your spring planting and celebrate Earth Day with these fun Wildflower Seed Bombs. Your kiddos will love putting together these seed bombs and watching their plants grow all spring. I love how this gives you a great chance to talk about how items decompose as you explain just how the baby plants will break through the paper on your bombs. This project is a nice way to add some spring color to the side of your house.

Playdough Inspired Earths


Via Happiness Is Homemade

This project is a fabulous idea! I love when I find new ways to use playdough. All you need is blue, green and white dough and you are on your way to creating these adorable Playdough Inspired Earths. I bet my kiddo would call these earth cookies, haha.

Tin Can Planters


Via Tried And True

Ohhh this craft is another great way to combine spring planting with Earth Day. Check out these adorably silly Tin Can Planters. I am planning on planting some spring plants soon with my kiddo, and these upcycled planters would look adorable decorating our window or patio. This project is an excellent way to reinforce reusing what you already have. I love how the plant becomes the hair!

Earth Collage Art


Via Kitchen Chronicle

Grab a stack of old magazines to upcycle; it’s time to try out this super cute Earth Collage Art. I like that depending on the age of your kiddo you can focus this DIY Earth Day activity on reusing and recycling, geography or even color matching for the littles. This Earth Day inspired craft is a great idea for any kid, but I love how you could work on this with both a little kid and an older kid and still have fun!

Earth Day Paper Plate Sign


I love paper plate crafts for their simplicity. This cute Earth Day Paper Plate sign requires little prep in advance, which means you can focus on the crafting part. This project can be a way to teach some basic geography, or just let your kids express their love for their favorite planet. If you don’t have green felt, try green construction paper. Love!

So which of these DIY Earth Day projects would your kiddo love? I have got to make those seed bombs! Tell me your favs in the comments!

*All images are used with permission

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