Shutterfly Photo Book iPad App Creates Gorgeous Books in Minutes!

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Do you remember the last time you ordered a photo book? I do, it was 5 years ago when my daughter was born! That was a long time ago! It doesn’t mean I do not take pictures of my family! I do, and I take a lot but I find it overwhelming to print them and organize them in a photo book! It is just too time consuming! But now, I found my dream solution: the Shutterfly Photo Book iPad app!

The Shutterfly Photo Book iPad app is completely free. With just a few clicks, it will turn your photos into a gorgeous book! It’s the perfect way to organize and display all those favorite photos without taking hours to organize!

Shutterfly Photo Book iPad app Experience

Download app and choose size of photo book: As soon as you download the Shutterfly app and you register your name within seconds, you can choose the size of the photo book. The sizes are:

  • 8*8 :$29.99 for 20 pages
  • 8*11: $39.99 for 20 pages
  • 12*12: $59.99 for 20 pages

I chose the 8*8 size!


  • Choose photo book style: There are different styles, I chose the the pictogram one!

  • Start adding the photos to your book: that’s when the fun begins! It is so easy and convenient to add pictures that even my 5 year old daughter was able to do it by herself! That was a great family activity for us. It brought back nice memories.

  • Add photos from your Facebook profile, Instagram or iPad photo stream with a click!

  • You can add one photo per page or several pictures in a page, depending on the layout you choose. Even if you do not like a layout, you can choose a different one and reorganize the photos as you wish! If you do not feel like organizing photos, the app has a smart auto fill option that will arrange the photos for you. All this can be done offline! That would be a great family activity during your way back home from vacation!


  •  Add captions to each picture! And guess what, you can record your captions instead of writing them! Isn’t that nice to have a 30 sec audio message on each page?
  • Once the organizing and editing is done, the book can be shared digitally on your Facebook wall or via email!

  • Make sure everything is just how you like it, then order your book for the printed version! Easy to order!



  • Once your book comes, you can use the QR Code printed on it to access the digital version and hear those messages you recorded.

Take a look at this video to learn more about how easy it is to use the Shutterfly Photo Book iPad App!

Download Shutterfly Photo Book iPad App  in the App store now and start creating your gorgeous memory book!


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  1. I love that you can share the pics and your books so that family members can order them as well. It takes the hassle out of emailing. I also love how user friendly the whole process of making the books is.

  2. The best feature of the app is anyoneone can enjoy their Shutterfly pictures anywhere, anytime in a stunning new photo viewer

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