Pay it Forward During the Holidays #BICMerryMarking #StoneGrey

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This holiday season, take a moment out of your busy shopping and baking schedule to spread a little holiday joy by paying it forward! During the BIC Month of Merry Marking, we’ve been talking about fun and easy little ways that you can bring happiness to your co-workers, friends and neighbors. Today, we’re sharing a cool project that lets you put a smile on a complete stranger’s face! I don’t know about you, but I never seem to be able to find quarters when I need them most! It never fails: I’m out running around, dying of thirst and just want to grab something from the vending machine outside the store. Or maybe I want a quick snack to hold me over until I make it to lunch. I dig around in my purse for quarters- or any acceptable change really- and come up empty. Usually because my little man has wiped me out to fill his own piggy bank!

Our third and final Merry Marking project lets you be that wonderful stranger who comes to the rescue behind the scenes. Check it out!

Pay it Forward #BICMerryMarking Project with #StoneGrey



  • A Roll of Quarters
  • Yellow paper, post it notes or other note paper
  • Tape
  • Stone Grey BIC Mark-It™ permanent marker (once again, I’m telling you, definitely invest in that 36-pack with the carrying case! I keep saying it, but you’ll thank me later!)
  • A bit of glitter, if desired (I think glitter makes everything pretty. My boyfriend? Not so much, so it’s really up to you).


How to Do It:

Simple! Just write your note (Pay it Forward), add a seasonal greeting if you want, sprinkle a bit of glitter if desired. Then tape your quarter to the note and head out! Discreetly tape the quarters and note to vending machines, washers and driers at Laundromats and so on. Want to totally make a child’s day? Tape them to arcade games or those little rides they have in the middle of the mall! Pretty much anywhere that takes quarters is the perfect spot to pay it forward.

The wonderful thing about the BIC Month of Merry Marking is that the projects require little more than a few moments of your time and a couple of basic supplies. They’re fast and easy ways to spread holiday cheer, yet the impact of brightening someone’s day can really expand beyond one person! That’s probably why they call it “spreading holiday cheer.” Ready to get started? Go ahead and get the booklet of merry marking and a coupon to start marking! You’ll also get a $1 off coupon! Nominate others to spread cheer too! I nominate Taylor, Thea and my boyfriend Sal. Can’t forget about him, now can I?

What do you do to spread holiday cheer during the season? Tell us in the comments!

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40 thoughts on “Pay it Forward During the Holidays #BICMerryMarking #StoneGrey”

  1. I’ve tried to pay it forward in as many ways as possible- Whenever we go out and get a steep discount (such as bogo) on a sit down meal I always work that savings in on top of their standard tip. I like that the quarters can be a quick and immediate boost to someones day.

  2. What a cute idea. I just actually had someone pay for my coffee the other day. It was such a nice thing that I did it for the car behind me. HA! love pay-it-forward ideas :)

  3. I absolutely love the idea of paying it forward. Just this past weekend a guy bought my starbucks in line and I couldn’t help but continue the fun! This idea of taping quarters to vending machines is awesome. I bet kids would have a lot of fun helping out and as a parent we are teaching them about helping others.

  4. This is such a fun idea. I like to be able to pay it forward whenever I can and this is neat that it can be done as a complete surprise for those coming to the machines.

  5. Oh what a great way to give back. I love doing little things year round.. like care packages for homeless, cookies for teachers, etc…

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