Christmas Craft For Kids: Festive Paper Plate Wreath

Looking for a fun Christmas craft for kids? This paper plate wreath is so easy, even a toddler could make it with a little help from you! Check it out!

Looking for an easy Christmas craft for kids? Look no more! This paper plate wreath craft is easy enough for toddlers to make. Obviously you would need to supervise the activity.  Don’t hesitate to help your child with whatever steps while letting them participate as much as possible. This Christmas craft for kids can be a great class project, an original homemade gift idea or simply decoration for your mantle or tree. The possibilities are endless, and the fun is guaranteed.

Settle down, gather some fun supplies and make this easy craft for kids. While I chose green for the paper plate and red color for the pom poms, you can switch the colors. You can choose a red paper plate and green pom poms, or even silver and blue if those are your favorite holiday colors! I am sure it will turn out as cute.

Christmas Crafts For Kids: Paper plate wreath



  • Green paper plate
  • Red pom poms
  • Green string
  • Scissors
  • Paper hole punch
  • Glue stick

Directions for this Christmas Craft For Kids

1.)  Cut the center out of the paper plate being careful to leave the ring around the edge intact.
2.) Punch two holes near the top of the “wreath” about an inch apart. Be careful not to punch too close to the top, otherwise they could tear when you hang the wreath.
3.) Thread the string through the holes and tie it into a bow (so it can be hung once completed)
4.) Use the glue stick to adhere the pompoms to the wreath.
5.) Hang up to enjoy!
Isn’t it an easy Christmas craft for kids? My eight-year-old daughter had fun making it. She is old enough to punch the holes by herself.
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While your little one is working on this fun wreath project, you could work on a wreath of your own! We have a couple really cute Christmas wreaths here for you to try out! My personal favorite is our Christmas wreath made with fabric scraps. It’s just so easy! For other great ideas, check out this post.
Whether you just let your kids make our fun paper plate wreath Christmas craft for kids while you supervise or decide to craft alongside them, you’ll have a blast together! The holidays are such a great time to break out all those craft supplies and make something truly special!

Do you have any favorite Christmas crafts for kids? Have you ever made your own wreath before? Tell us about it in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Christmas Craft For Kids: Festive Paper Plate Wreath”

  1. My kids love crafty works & they try to do something creative on their own. This is such a cute idea which looks simple yet creative. A wonderful craft idea for kids for them to give it a try.

  2. This is a great craft to do with the kids. I will have to get the stuff i need to make one with my friends kids the next time they come over.

  3. What a cute idea and so festive for the holidays. I know the little ones would love making this and then seeing it hung on the door or wall.

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