New Year’s Eve Family Time Capsule Craft #DollarGeneral

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Forget the parties and the crowds! This year, spend quality time together with this easy & fun New Year’s Eve time capsule craft! It’s a great way to reconnect with each other, celebrate the milestones of the past year and pass down those memories to future generations. All you need are a few supplies from Dollar General and your imaginations!

How to Make this New Year’s Eve Family Time Capsule Craft



  • Plastic Bin
  • Poster Board Letters
  • Markers
  • 4X6 Photo Frame
  • Plastic Pencil Pouch
  • Paper or Index Cards


This is where your imagination takes over. Start by having each family member write down their favorite memory from the year on an index card. Take turns reading the memories to each other and talking about them, then seal them up in the pencil case. I recommend the case because it adds a layer of extra protection against the elements, but you can use a zipped sandwich baggie too. Of course, you can also find those at Dollar General. I picked the pencil pouch because it was bold and colorful. You know how I love browsing the aisles of my local store and seeing what pops out at me for these fun projects!


Next, go through all your photos on your computer or in your photo album and choose one picture as a family that best represents your year. If you can’t agree, take one together on New Year’s Eve and print it out. Put it in the photo frame and add it to your time capsule.

Add other items, such as your favorite holiday card from that year, a favorite shirt that your child has outgrown, an art project or anything else. My son, Jacob, thought it would be fun to add little toys from his kid’s meals, because they represent what was popular during the year.


Once you have everything ready to put IN the box, it’s time to decorate the outside of the box. We used the Poster Board Letters because they’re bright and colorful. You can also decorate with markers, glitter glue or anything else you have on hand. Just keep in mind that if you bury the box outside, the elements may not be kind to the decorations. This part is more for fun for your family.

Finally, decide on where to hide the New Year’s Eve time capsule craft and when it should be opened. If you want it to be opened generations down the line, you’ll obviously want to bury it in your yard (assuming you’re planning to keep the house in your family!). Another idea: hide it in your attic (or other storage area) among your family treasures. That way, it can get passed down through generations.

If you’re planning to open it sooner, you can hide it in a closet. Perhaps you can make it a tradition to open the capsule each year and make a new one! It’s totally up to you. The point of the New Year’s Eve family time capsule craft is to spend time together bonding over your memories and making new ones together.

What would you put in your New Year’s Eve Time Capsule box?

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33 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Family Time Capsule Craft #DollarGeneral”

  1. Such a fun idea! We are going to do this with our grandkids for next year! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Great idea of doing a time capsule! Not sure what all we would put in it but it is definitely something to think about doing!

  3. What a brilliant idea!! Obviously missed new years for this, maybe this summer, on my girl’s birthday even 🙂

  4. Michelle oakley Warner

    thats the best idea ever, we are so making a time capsule, thank you soo soo much for the idea. i wish i made one when i was a kid so i could open and show my children. thanks again, awesome idea

  5. I love the cute idea. My kids are always interested in doing fun craft works. Will have to try this with them for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is awesome! I’ve often thought about doing a time castle, but I’ve never actually done one. I’ve only got one little one, and a teen who will be grown before I know it… left at home, I better get busy if I’m going to do it.

  7. When I was in elementary school we did a time capsule and dug a hole and put it in the ground. Inside was things like the top hit cassette of that year, the number one selling book that all the kids were talking about, and a vhs movie with pictures of everyone of us.

  8. I love this idea and wish we had done one of these with our kids. I guess it is not too late to do one this year. I recently read about a family that did one back in the 60s and buried it in their wall of their house. After it was discovered by the current owners, it was returned to a family member who was just a small child when it was hidden. How cool is that?

  9. I wish i had done a time capsule when my kids were little. It is such a great idea. I will have to remember to do this when i have grand children.

  10. That is such a fun idea. My kids would really enjoy doing this! I have no idea what we would put in it. Maybe some of the school work to see how they have grown.

  11. My daughter and her friend were obsessed with making time capsules when they were younger. This would have been so fun to do with them.

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