Fun Patriotic Labor Day Crafts For Kids

Send the summer off in style with these fun and patriotic Labor Day crafts for kids! Use easy supplies you already have at home for most of them!

These Great Labor Day Crafts For Kids are perfect for your little ones to make to celebrate this national holiday.  With fun and easy crafts on hand, you’ll be able to spend more time relaxing with your family.  These items are super cute and could easily work for any patriotic holiday!

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Great Labor Day Crafts For Kids

Organized 31 always brings amazing simple and adorable crafts.  These painted Patriotic Clothespins are another great idea they presented.  A little paint makes these clothespins perfect for holding up signs on twine, or simply using on your laundry line.

Labor Day Crafts for Kids

These fun Fireworks Paintings are so easy to make using paint and a plastic fork.  They are perfect for using as a stand alone picture, or a banner at your party or barbecue.  We love this simple craft from Crafty Morning!

Labor Day Crafts for Kids

Making Your Life Matter has a fun and easy video tutorial for this Patriotic Rosette Decoration.  It’s a great craft to make and use as some patriotic bunting at your Labor Day party with the kids.

Labor Day Crafts for Kids

These Popsicle Stick American Flags from Crafty Morning are another favorite.  Kids love painting, and popsicle sticks are one of the best craft mediums around.  These are fun, simple and totally adorable.

popsicle-stick-american-flag-craft Labor Day Crafts for Kids

Domestic Mommyhood brings out a favorite craft with Patriotic Playdough for the kids to make a fun American Flag with.  We all love homemade playdough and this one is a great recipe you’ll love and your kids will beg you to make again.

patriotic-play-doh Labor Day Crafts for Kids

This Patriotic Eagle Handprint Craft is so cute!  It’s a perfect little craft for younger kids to do thanks to the Fun Handprint Art Blog and their great ideas!

All-American-Eagle-Handprint-Craft Labor Day Crafts for Kids

These Patriotic Sun Catcher Stars from Mom Inspired Life are so fun!  I remember making these kinds of crafts when I was a kid, and these sound like the perfect way to celebrate Labor Day with your kids!

Patriotic-Suncatcher-Stars Labor Day Crafts for Kids

Easy DIY Patriotic Crayons are another super easy and fun craft that You Brew My Tea brings to the table.  These are great for your littlest kids to help create and then use to color banners and pages with fun designs.

Homemade-Patriotic-Crayons2 Labor Day Crafts for Kids

Have fun with you kids this year making these Labor Day crafts for kids.  With a few simple supplies you probably already have on hand, you can create fun crafts they can do themselves or with a little help from you.  Labor Day is a holiday to acknowledge all those who work hard to support their families -these patriotic crafts for kids are perfect to do that!

Do you have any favorite Labor Day crafts for kids? Share in the comments!

27 thoughts on “Fun Patriotic Labor Day Crafts For Kids”

  1. Talk about getting into the spirit of this important a festive day ..Labour day fireworks, food and fun. I love the patriotic handprint art easy and creative for kids …Especially like the clothes pin how unique and awesome.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Those are all cute ideas. I think my boys would have fun making the Patriotic Eagle Handprint Craft!

  3. I’m impressed by the variety of creative craft items you have for kids and adults to make. I love the Fireworks Paintings and the Rosette best. They appealed to the wanna-be-artist in me.

  4. These are such fun patriotic crafts to do with the kids! I think that these would be so much fun to do with the kids! I love the fork idea for making fireworks with the kids!

  5. My toddler would love to make the play doh flag; she loves play doh and we have buckets of it at home. I’d love to make the Patriotic Sun Catcher Stars, they look so pretty hanging on the window. These are great craft ideas for the kiddos!

  6. If The Grands lived closer to BB we’d be making ALL of these!! What a wonderful collection you’ve got here, and some are so versatile. The rosette sign, the eagle changed to a turkey for Thanksgiving, the suncatcher, all with a little tweeking can be for many happy memories with our little ones. Gracias for such great ideas. BB2U

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