Fun & Easy Fall Craft Idea for Families #DollarGeneral

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Looking for a fun and easy fall craft idea that you can do with your kids in just a few minutes? I really hope you’ll love my easy leaf rubbing and fall frame craft! All the supplies came from Dollar General for under $10. The best part? Aside from the frame, everything I bought can be used again in other crafts!

Now, let me remind you, although we have craft writers here that take my breath away with their awesome creations, if you know me, you know I’m about the easy stuff. As much as I enjoy trying to do crafts (often, TRYING is the operative word), as a single mom who works 12+hours a day, I don’t have hours to pour into a major project. That’s what I like about this fall craft: it took me less than 15 minutes to put together. On with it, shall we?

Fall Craft: Leaf Rubbing and Autumn Frame               

Supplies (all from Dollar General)


  • Frame in neutral colors. I went with brown and black, because they’re easy colors to dress up.
  • Crayons
  • Thin copy paper
  • Fall leaf embellishments (I used a leaf garland that only cost $1 and is long enough that I can use the rest of it for a later craft).
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • A nice, sturdy leaf from your back yard.

How to make this easy fall craft:

  • Start by trimming down the paper to the size that you need. I kind of skipped this step and ended up with too large a creation. I had to trim it down and rearrange stuff.
  • Lay the paper over the leaf and hold it down (or tape the paper down).


  • Use a light crayon to do your leaf rubbing. Just run it back and forth over the paper lightly until the pattern emerges.
  • Use a darker crayon to trace the stems and add contrast
  • Take your embellishments and glue a few to the paper itself, let dry, then put it in the frame.
  • Now take a few and glue them to your frame.

That’s it! Wrap your garland around the base if you want, or just display it as is. Also, if your leaves have already changed colors, you can skip the rubbing and just frame one as is. Ours haven’t changed yet.


Dollar General has an amazing selection of fall décor! I love exploring and coming up with ideas while I’m there. I had a general idea of what type of craft I’ll do, but when I get there I really pull it together by browsing their displays.


In fact, while I was there, I picked up supplies for September, October and November! So be sure to come back and see what we’re putting together for you those months!

What is your favorite type of fall craft? How do you celebrate the season?




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46 thoughts on “Fun & Easy Fall Craft Idea for Families #DollarGeneral”

  1. Great ideas for the kids with leaves. My kids use to always make crafts out of leaves when they were in the beavers and brownies.

  2. This is very cute! I want to start crafting with my little grand-daughter, and she has such a fascination with leaves! This would be perfect!

  3. Very nice fall inspiration. I have visions of collecting leaves and making a wreath as a family activity. There aren’t enough leaves on the ground right now. Any day now.

  4. I love getting craft supplies at Dollar General. My kids are prolific artists and to keep up with their art supply needs, I need to find projects that are affordable.

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