Easy Earth Day Craft: Wildflower Seed Bombs

Looking for an easy earth day craft that also helps make the planet more beautiful? Turn a drab piece of land into a work of art with wildflower seed bombs!
Making wildflower seed bombs is a great way to celebrate Earth day. Not only will you have lots of fun making them but it will be amazing to see the effect you have on the Earth when the flowers come up and bloom all Spring and Summer long! You can use the wildflower seed bombs to spread beauty all over. Just pick some places that are looking unkempt and shabby, like a roadside area, vacant lot or unfinished construction area. . . anyplace that has been sitting without care for a long time. Then on Earth Day, you take your seed bombs and spread some nature love.

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Earth Day Craft: Seed Bombs


What you will need:

  • water
  • soil
  • wildflower seeds
  • thin paper bags


  • Take thin brown paper lunch sacks and tear them into wide 3×4 strips
  • In a bowl mix seeds and soil together.


  • Add water a little at a time until a stiff consistency is formed.
  • Use hands to roll into balls about 2 inches thick.


  • Wrap the seed/soil balls in the brown paper and twist the top to keep in intact.

When you deposit these on the ground, the paper will keep the seeds protected from animals and the environment until the seeds can start to grow. When April showers come, the bags will disintegrate and the seeds will be set free to take root. The bags will fully decompose into the soil in only a couple of weeks.

Every time you pass by the area that used to look unsightly, you can delight in the beautiful, colorful flowers that you helped grow!

TIP: You can purchase wildflower seeds that are indigenous to your particular area. Nurseries, hardware stores and stores like Walmart have inexpensive wildflower seeds for sale. You can also find them online and have them delivered to your door!

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Happy Earth Day!

 What kinds of flowers would you love to grow with this easy Earth Day craft? Tell us in the comments!



32 thoughts on “Easy Earth Day Craft: Wildflower Seed Bombs”

  1. I saw another recipe for bombs but it required clay and plaster. was gonna be a huge deal! This sounds much more user friendly. Thanks for this!

  2. These are awesome!! What a perfect thing to do with the grandkids so they can watch their flowers grow! Thanks for the info!

  3. We planted some of these wildflower bombs down along our tree line in the back hope they come up

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I once had a very large garden, well more like a field really. Part of that I designated into a wildflower garden, I just spread the seed out nothing as ambitious as throwing bombs ;-)

  5. I would have never thought of that. Ive tried to plant some wild flowers before by our shed area but the animals ate the seeds. Thanks!

  6. What a great idea to spruce up some of those unsightly areas we pass on a daily basis. Thank you for the tutorial. It is definitely something to try. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  7. Marilyn Nawara

    Love the seed idea — when I plant sunflowers the birds eat all of my seeds. I am going to try the paper method when I plant them this year.

  8. This is such a fun idea that my son would love! I would definitely put sunflowers in there since they’re my favorite :)

  9. I LOVE this! I am in charge of the Green Team at my school and I think each child would love to make a wildflower bomb. What a great great idea. Are you using just ANY brown paper bags? Ex: lunch bags you can pick up anywhere? I am absolutely trying this with my kids and my students.

  10. That is a FABULOUS idea, LOVE it wow!! I have a ton of brown paper, that’s similar to brown paper bags… have to see if it’ll disintegrate as much as bags would, because this would be an awesome way to start disposing of all this paper. And there are a boat load of spots around the neighbourhood that could use some colour! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Can’t wait to try this out with the nephew once the weather is a bit warmer.

  11. I love this!! I’d love to make some with my girl…..I don’t have a particular flower in mind, but I do love a good assortment of wild flowers. The mix of color always amazes me!
    I’ll have to look up what kind of flowers attract butterflies. My little girl would be so fascinated by that.

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