7 Beautiful DIY Gardening Decor Ideas To Try This Year

Create your own backyard retreat with our sweet DIY gardening decor ideas. These ideas will brighten up any greenspace, you gotta check them out

I have always been serious about keeping my DIY gardening projects simple. Since my family tends to move often, I usually find myself focusing on planning my plants and size of my garden. This year I have decided I want to add more art to my garden. I know that adding some cool pieces will make it feel homey, which I really want in my new garden. Here are some of the DIY garden art projects I am eyeing!

7 Beautiful DIY Gardening Decor Ideas To Try

Rainboot Planters


These are so amazingly adorable! Keep your kid’s old rain boots and use them as cute planters in your garden! Those frogs, ladybugs and firetrucks will look extra tiny in the garden.

Soda Can Whirligig


Last year I bought, at least, four whirligigs for my green space. Little did I know I could have just made my own! These spinners are so delicate, and I like that you can make them out of any soda can.

Plant Markers


I usually just use little plastic markers for my garden so I can find my plants and herbs. I love these adorable plant markers complete with little pictures of the vegetables. This project is perfect to start now for springtime!

Cute Stone Toes


I can totally make these adorable little toes. You do not have to be super crafty to create this project. You only need some polished stones and some strong glue to get this job done! If you don’t happen to have pretty polished stones on hand, check the dollar store or the craft store for more options.

Colored Planter Wall


This idea works for a container garden or in a larger garden. Check out these adorable planters made out of painted tin can. This project has the perfect blend of shabby chic and works well with herbs or flowers to brighten up any space. This idea is truly lovely!

Fairy Garden

My daughter would love this idea! Fairy gardens are magical looking little homes and are used to lure fairies to your space. Trust me my flowers and veggies can use the extra magic.  You can make fairy gardens out of all kinds of natural and recycled item, and even make your fairy homes out of painted plastic milk jugs.

Tea Cup Bird Feeders

I am a big fan of anything that has a shabby chic look. These sweet teacup bird feeders are the perfect blend of functional and dainty that I like in my garden, aren’t they adorable? If you don’t have a loose teacup laying around, try a teacup for pretty designs.

What other fabulous DIY gardening projects are you adding to your garden this year? Tell me in the comments!

*Image from Pixabay

22 thoughts on “7 Beautiful DIY Gardening Decor Ideas To Try This Year”

  1. These are some very creative ideas , i love them all , thanks for sharing , my garden could use some extra fun added to it :)

  2. Oh, thank you for this post! We’re on the edge of starting a below zero temps weekend and I’m dreaming of spring! I think we’ll try making some of our own painted garden rocks this year! A good project to do while we’re fending off cabin fever!

  3. I love all of the ideas you’ve shown here and will be giving some of these a try! They really make me realize how much I wish the warm weather! Looking forward to spring!

  4. Awesome ideas I’m always looking for new plants and ideas to make my garden stand out. At the end oif the day the garden is the place where i can sit down and finally relax

  5. I love the little feet made from stones! Really adorable! These are all so lovely. I hope to make my garden look just as good!

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