6 No-Prep Fall Crafts For Kids

Crafts with kids are a blast, but there is not always time for detailed prep work. Check out these six fall crafts for kids that are ready in minutes.

I love doing crafts with my kid, but I do not always have time to plan an elaborate activity. Throw together these quick and easy fall themed crafts together in no time. Your kids will have a blast while you squeeze in a little quality time, all while looking like a superhero.

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6 No-Prep Fall Crafts For Kids

Fall Paper Plate Wreath

No-Prep Fall Crafts For Kids

Kids love to glue, and this craft has plenty of it. Cut out the center of a paper plate, and then let your kiddo go crazy decorating it with leaves and white school glue. You can use faux leaves just as we did to add lots of colors. Faux leaves can easily be found at most dollar stores or craft stores. You could also choose to use real leaves, but be sure to press them in a heavy book overnight so they do not curl as they dry. If you skip pressing the leaves, the leaves will often curl up and dislodge themselves from the school glue. Now hang your wreath to brighten up your home.

Leaves Bouquet Holder

No-Prep Fall Crafts For Kids

My daughter loves to collect items from nature and is always bringing me colorful leaves, rocks and pinecones. Help your child display their leaf collection with this easy Leaves Bouquet Holder. Clear contact paper simplifies this craft and makes it easy for even the littlest kid to create this craft. Click the link to see the full directions.

Apple Tree Craft

No-Prep Fall Crafts For Kids

Apple picking is another memorable fall activity. Build your child’s excitement about apple season by creating this simple apple tree. Cut the tree pieces out of colored construction paper, and then glue them together. Red tissue paper easily makes cute apples and helps your child work on fine motor skills as they place and glue with school glue.

Nature Mobile

No-Prep Fall Crafts For Kids

My daughter has a beloved collection of pine cones and rocks. If your child likes collecting things in nature, this Nature Mobile is a great way to display some of their favorites. Grab some string, search for a large stick in your yard and then begin tying their favorite natural items on long strings to hang from the mobile. Add colorful beads for glitz, and more string to hang the mobile on the wall. If you do not already have a collection of nature materials to work with, a walk in your neighborhood or in a nearby park should provide you with plenty of options.

Fall Corn Craft

No-Prep Fall Crafts For Kids

Corn is another iconic part of the fall harvest. I love this cute popcorn craft! Draw an ear of corn on thick paper, or if you have no drawing skills like me you can print a free coloring book image from Coloring Sun.  Allow your child to color or paint the leaves. Then it is time for the best part, pop some popcorn and glue it to your corn using kid’s school glue. This craft also doubles as snack time, win-win!

Painted Fall Tree Craft

No-Prep Fall Crafts For Kids

Everyone loves to watch the leaves change color, and fall is a great time to start opening up conversations about how the seasons change. My child is still young so I painted the trunk and branches for my daughter, but older kids could easily paint this part themselves. Use a Q-tip with orange, red or yellow paint to make the falling leaves. I found A Q-tip was easier for my daughter then a paintbrush, which she tended to smash on the paper.

What are your favorite things to do with your kids in the fall?

20 thoughts on “6 No-Prep Fall Crafts For Kids”

  1. You are so creative and what a great mom you are for providing crafts instead of letting them watch tv and do “screens” My favorite project is the mobile– it is sophisticated enough that it looks like something you might find on etsy

  2. How fun! The popcorn one is adorable! But that tree one has to be our favorite. We love making all kinds of crafts in Autumn. We love to use the leaves and make easy wax paper placemats!

  3. Autumn is my favorite season! I love the finger-painting craft that incorporates the different colors of the leaves falling from the tree. I think that would be something fun and easy enough to do with someone, like my god-daughter.

  4. I love these crafts. They look so easy to make and they are very creative. What a fun way to add some fall to your home for a fraction of the cost.

  5. These are such cute fall crafts! I love to make crafts with my kids they have fun while we get to spend time together! I think my favorite would be the nature mobile, my son would have a blast collecting stuff.

  6. These crafts are so cute. I could see these hanging around our house. I love to do simple projects with my boys. Especially ones that don’t make too big of a mess. I love that corn one, plus we get to eat popcorn while we make it!

  7. Fall is here and I am not a happy camper because that mean the cool is coming and I am a fan of spring lol but I do love the fall colors and the many activities that we can do around here with leaves and stuff can’t wait

  8. Those are super cute. Most of the time I get thrown into the crafts last minute, like when the kids are abandoning whatever other project they were working on. Last minute will save me.

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