5 of the Best Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Celebrate our planet with these five easy and fun Earth Day crafts for kids! Check them out and start crafting now!

Making Earth Day crafts with kids is the perfect way to teach them about the importance of the holiday. Use them to build up to the celebration on April 22, or as activities during an Earth Day party! Did you know that over 193 countries celebrate? The purpose of Earth Day is to promote appreciation and awareness of our home planet. Since we only have one planet to live on, this day is especially important. The more people who are aware of our environment and present and future issues, the better off we are! Crafts are a great way to explore and learn about the world in a creative way. Here are 5 Earth Day crafts for kids.

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Earth Day Crafts for Kids

1. A paper plate EarthFor a super easy and very inexpensive Earth Day craft, have your kids create Earths out of paper plates. Color the plates blue and then use green crepe paper or pieces of felt to create the land. Use googly eyes, glitter and other fun accents to make this project unique. This one is super cute:


2. Green sun-catchers

For kids, there is nothing more exciting than creating something that looks nice and has a purpose! These up-cycled sun-catchers are the perfect way to reuse materials while creating something new. For this craft all you need are pieces of thin clean plastic, markers and string to hang the sun-catcher. Use the markers to create designs on the cut out plastic circles to mimic globe sun-catchers! Check out this video for another clever way to make them!


3. Homemade bird feeders

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to feed animals! Using cardboard toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and bird seed, kids can easily create a home made bird feeder. Hang the feeder outside and be sure to bird watch. We love this one:


4. Earth Day signs

This craft will really have your children thinking! Take an hour or so to find items outside such as twigs, pebbles, grass, flowers, petals and other items. Use these to spell out the word Earth. Your child will enjoy having to arrange simple items into a word! Don’t forget to take pictures!

5. Recycled planters

Earth Day is all about giving back to our planet! An easy way to do that is to grow plants and herbs. You can use tin cans or even empty plastic containers as planters. Add dirt, pebbles and seeds and watch your plants grow! Don’t forget to have your kid decorate each planter.


How does your family celebrate? Do you and your children make fun Earth Day crafts for the holiday? Tell or show us below!

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  1. I like the idea of homemade bird feeders. What’s inside the plastic mesh bag used in the picture at the top of the post (with the blue jay)? Also, wondering if birds would get their toes tangled in the mesh holes?…maybe not? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing a great earth friendly post,i cant’ wait to try the Homemade bird feeders with the grandkids

  3. Lisa Coomer Queen

    Love these! Pinned them. My daughter homeschools her three and this will certainly help out! Thanks!

  4. These are all really great, I especially love the sun catchers. We will definitely try some of these out.

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