Color Your Home Exterior With Siding Options From James Hardie #JamesHardieDifference

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Color Your Home Exterior With Siding Options From James Hardie #JamesHardieDifference

Fall weather always has me thinking about home repairs and upgrades especially when it comes to protecting the exterior of my home. I want my house to look chic while still keeping some of those character elements I fell in love in the first place. I have been looking into durable home siding options that have some modern touches. I think I landed the jackpot when I discovered the siding options at James Hardie that are both durable and beautiful.

Beautiful Home Siding Options from James Hardie

I have to admit, the first thing that is drawing me to James Hardie is the color options though a close second is durability. The colors you choose can depend on the style of your home, and where you live. It can be a big decision picking from all the color options, but if you make a good choice the right color can truly bring out the charm and character of your home.

Those of you who live in the north might want to consider cooler colors such as blues and greys to give your home a breezy feeling and relaxed vibe. Greys and blues will look great on most homes, but they blend especially nicely in the north where colonial and Cape Cod style houses reign. I see many home siding options at James Hardie that are perfect for upgrading your home with a modern color twist.

Greys and blues give your home a breezy and relaxed vibe.
Greys and blues give your home a breezy and relaxed vibe.

If you are not sure where to begin, try playing around with the James Hardie Home Color Tool. This great feature allows you to try different home siding color combinations together and gives you suggestions as to what color trim will work best with your home. The colors available in this tool are not all inclusive, there are additional colors of siding available depending on your location, but it will get you started.

I am digging the color “Monterey Taupe”. Depending on your accent choices, this color is a nice middle ground that could work as a great siding or trim color. While neutral colors can work on any home, they look especially sleek on a more modern or newer build home. If you own a colonial style home, the evening blue would look absolutely gorgeous on this style home. Darker colors can make your house pop on a street full of light colored houses. If you like a little drama at the entrance of your house, try adding a lighter color trim to that darker color siding. This is one of my favorite combinations, and can make the character of your house shine.

You do not want to spend all that time picking out the perfect color just to have it fade away. You may have imagined yourself painting your home at some point or hiring painters to do the job. Can you imagine painting your home 50 times in a row? All the siding at James Hardie uses their ColorPlus Technology which includes 50 coats of color and finish to make sure your color holds true.

Color Plus Technology and a 15 year warranty keep your color protected all year round.

If that by itself is not enough, this siding comes with a 15-year warranty against peeling, cracking and chipping so you can ensure your paint color will last. This is especially important to me after all Old Man Winter gives the outside of my house a beating. I want my siding to still look beautiful as the backdrop for my summer BBQ’s and I know with 50 coats of color it will look fantastic.

Readers, what type of house do you have and what color of home siding do you prefer?

27 thoughts on “Color Your Home Exterior With Siding Options From James Hardie #JamesHardieDifference”

  1. I love the first house the most! It’s beautiful! We always focus so much on the inside of our homes, that we forget about the outside! And it’s just as important to have great curb appeal

  2. I love the grey/blue in the first house! I love when I see homes around town who have given the outside of their homes a facelift- it is crazy the difference it makes!

  3. I’ve always been drawn to both interior and exterior designs of homes. There are so many color options and the key is sticking to a theme that reflects the homeowners’ personality and style. It’s also important to choose a paint color that’s durable and long-lasting so the investment won’t go to waste.

  4. great options… I love neutral color and wish to do some home improvements. We’re still saving some money. Love those colors for siding. Thanks for sharing some great tips

  5. I have always preferred siding over other exteriors. There are so many options with color. A good warranty is so important when spending so much on home improvements. The warranty is one of the first things I check out before making a big purchase for our home.

  6. Deciding on a siding for a house would be so hard to do! I think it would take weeks to agree on one. I know most of the siding in our area is vinyl because of how wet Washington is.

  7. We are looking to remodel out house inside and out. I’d love to take a look at changing the color of my outside siding. It really can change the look of my house. There are so many color options, now just to pick one that everybody likes. That will be the hard part.

  8. What an awesome option for people with siding on their homes. I would have loved this when we lived back east and had clapboard siding. For now, though, we are in an Alaskan log home.

  9. This sounds like great siding. I love all the great colors you can choose from. I would choose this if i was replacing ours.

  10. When we did our siding this is what we got, actually. Hubby is a contractor and said it was the best :) and it also has a great warranty :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, too

    1. Thanks for the personal recommendation with high marks Shuana! It is always even better when our readers chime in with their own personal experiences. I’m glad this siding is working out for your home! :)

  11. This is really nice! My husband and I are hoping to buy a house with in the next year. I will definitely be checking this out when we find a place. I love all the great color options too.

  12. I live in the Southwest region of the country and most of our homes are stucco on the exterior, however I just love the look of siding. I am sure selecting a color would be quite the challenge with so many options available.

  13. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I would love to make some improvements around my house. I like to change things up sometimes.

  14. There are so many options out there for home improvement that it is hard to keep it all straight! I think my parents would love this for their place. They have siding and my mom LOVES color!

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