Send Meaningful Birthday Cards & Gifts in a Flash with American Greetings

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american-greetings-birthday-ecards Looking for a way to send meaningful gifts in an instant? American Greetings can help! With their incredibly diverse selection of birthday ecards and gift cards to attach, you’ll never be late for a birthday again.

Let me tell you a little story, tell me if you can relate. Every time an important birthday gets close, I think to myself “I still have time to get a card. I’ll run to the store tomorrow!” Tomorrow comes and I get insanely busy. The next day comes, and I have a migraine. Then the next day, something else comes up. Before I know it, the birthday is a day away, and there’s no possibility of a card making it on time. Thank goodness I have an American Greetings subscription that lets me send fabulous ecards right away.

You’re always on time with American Greetings e-cards!

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With my American Greetings subscription, I never have to worry about missing a birthday or other important event again, even if I wait until the very last minute. The subscription lets me send Birthday Wishes to friends and family near and far in an instant! Even better, I can include a gift card with it! Let’s check out a few of my favorite birthday cards; then I’ll tell you more about how it all works.

Funny Birthday cards for my friends, aunts, and cousins

I like to send funny cards to my friends, aunts, and cousins. My aunt Donna, in particular, always sends me the funniest greeting cards that lift my spirits, so I like to do the same for her. She’s been going through a really rough time, so this Queen for a Day talking ecard is just what she needs. The talking cards are so much fun because you can personalize them to say whatever you want!


American Greetings has a bunch of adorable, funny talking ecards. From singing Starfish to rapping grandmas! Going through all of them can (and has!) amuse me for hours!

Heartfelt cards for close family

While funny cards are usually my go-to, I like to give heartfelt cards to close family, like my mom, my brother and my son. This heartfelt video card for mom tells her how much she means to you in a beautiful way.



Traditional Birthday Cards for Anyone

Sometimes, I just want to send a traditional card that says “Happy Birthday” without being too deep or too funny. These are perfect for people like that neighbor who always helps you out when you run out of sugar, a new friend of the family, and so on. American Greetings has plenty of cards to choose from for those situations, including some really fun video cards!



Adorable character cards for kids

I love that American Greetings thought of the kids on my list! They have ecards featuring characters like Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, and Holly Hobbie! My favorite is this interactive Care Bears card. Adorable, right?


No matter what kind of ecard you’re looking for, American Greetings has you covered! But what about those times when you want to send along a gift, too? That’s where the gift cards come in! You can select a gift card from 25 different retailers, including top retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Fandango in amounts from $5-100.

Benefits of an American Greetings subscription

While anyone can use American Greetings to send an ecard, membership does have its perks! These include:

  • Unlimited access to every single ecard and print at home card in their collection. You’ll never be without the perfect card again.
  • The ability to schedule ecards for delivery up to one year ahead of time. If you’re browsing for cards for mom and see the perfect birthday card for your brother, just go ahead and personalize it, then schedule it for his birthday!
  • Deliver your ecard to an email address or This is great for all those Facebook friends that you don’t interact with via email.
  • Save all your “favorites” as you’re browsing so you can easily find them when you need them.
  • Organize all your important contacts into a handy address book.
  • Set up reminders so you never forget an occasion again.
  • Free and unlimited access to the Live Greetings app for iPhone & Android phones.

Start your free trial now!
For me, the fact that I can schedule ecards in advance is the biggest draw. I can pick a day and knock out all my cards at once for the whole year. Then I don’t have to worry about forgetting.

Ready to try it out? Become an American Greetings member and gain unlimited access to their entire collection of ecards to share greetings that are uniquely yours! Start your 7-Day Free Trial now!

Which American Greetings ecard do you really love? Tell me in the comments!




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  1. I think e cards are really nice. They look like they have a wonderful selection of cards too. I’ll have to check them out.

  2. I love electric greeting cards. They are very convenient and helpful especially if you almost forget someone’s special day.

  3. Thanks to the technology of the Internet, we don’t have to rely on snail mail to greet our loved ones. And thanks to free E-cards, we don’t have to spend anything at all.

  4. I love how convenient this service is! Especially for people who are often busy. I like the fact that you don’t have to miss another birthday or Holiday ever again. It makes everything easier.

  5. I used to send e-greetings all the time. I love how cute they are and how many offer music or animation. It’s nice to receive something fun in your inbox besides work emails.

  6. There are some amazing cards out there these days. Even if you’re not good with words, there are so many cards that speak beautifully the message you are trying to convey.

  7. There are so many great Ecards to choose from. I will have to try it for my friends birthday. She lives to far away for a visit.

  8. I love giving and receiving cards! Such a simple and sweet way to show someone you are thinking about them!

  9. Mellissa Williams

    I love receiving cards in the mail but e-cards can be just that much more fun if you live far apart! So many choices to make sure you get something special.

  10. It sounds like an awesome service, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to send cards to friends and relatives! I think their designs are adorable as well!

  11. I haven’t used eCards in so long! I actually forgot about it totally so this is a great reminder. I have lots of birthdays coming up!

  12. Catherine Sargent

    This sounds like a great subscription and something I could use. I like the idea of sending e-cards.

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