7 Things To Consider When Buying A Vacuum

Buying  vacuum can be a stressful as buying a new car! With all the attachments and functions, it's hard to know which to choose. Check out our tips!

We all dread certain chores in our house, but these 7 Things To Consider When Buying A Vacuum will make that one task a lot easier to complete.  Not only will you actually enjoy vacuuming, you’ll find your floors to be much cleaner.  Getting the right vacuum for your home is very important.  Things like suction power, how large the bag is, or even the length of the cord can all contribute to the dread you feel in regards to the chore of cleaning your carpets.  These tips will help you to manage your vacuum purchase with ease.

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What is your budget?  While everything else is important, your budget is often the deciding factor.  Determine what you are able and willing to spend, then begin looking at the other considerations for vacuums that fall within that price range.

How heavy is the vacuum? For many people the weight of the vacuum itself is just as important as its functions.  Whether you want or need it to be light for your children to use, or you have a back injury that could make a heavier vacuum difficult, the weight of the vacuum is something to consider.  While most models are under 10 pounds, the 7-8 pound mark is what is a selling point for popular brands like Shark, Dyson and even Oreck.

Will it fit into nooks and crannies you need it to?  If you have a home with stairs, lots of cabinets or areas that you need to vacuum all the time, you may want to make sure that the vacuum itself will fit where you need to go.  Is the handle long enough? Too high?  Will the cord be long enough without using an extension to reach all the areas you need to clean?

Does it come with needed attachments? Attachments make or break most vacuums for people who have kids, like to keep furniture or upholstery cleaned, or simply like to vacuum things like vents and corners in rooms.  Make sure it comes with the attachments you will use, as well as appropriate length extensions.

Does it have a bag or canister? For many people the addition of buying bags for their vacuum becomes a frustration.  For others, a bag takes the dust and puts it away easier without it floating into the room upon emptying.  Make sure you get the style that is best for you and your family.

Can it handle your level of dirt or pet hair? This is a big factor for our family, and many others.  Looking for a specific vacuum that is built to suction a lot of pet hair or dirt from kids coming in and out is very important.  If you buy a lighter weight vacuum intended for light vacuuming and try to use it on pet hair you will find it not only not working, but probably wearing out far before you feel you get your money out of it.

Does it have a filters for dust and other allergens? This is really important for those who suffer from allergies.  Keeping as much of those particles out of the air as possible is best.

These simple tips to consider when buying a vacuum will help you to make the right investment for your family.

Do you have any other tips or things to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner? Share in the comments!


15 thoughts on “7 Things To Consider When Buying A Vacuum”

  1. Great tips, I like a long power cord and it definitely has to fit into nooks and crannies and have a long skinny nozzle for hard to reach places.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    all great tips, I do wish that I had thought more before buying a new one – this new one is really too heavy for me, especially on the stairs.

  3. Our vacuum is almost shut down. I can’t remember how many times this vacuum pay a visit to a vacuum store for repair. Definitely we need one real soon. Thank you for sharing these tips.

  4. I think another thing to consider when buying a vacuum is the lifespan of the device. I have had some that stopped working in under 2 years.

  5. You are right on the money! As a stay at home mom of 6, I need a vacuum that is lightweight, bagless and has attachments to get in the nooks and crannies!

  6. These are all great tips. Thanks for sharing. These tips will come in handy when I have to buy a new vacuum.

  7. All great tips. I have found over the years that it is worth investing the money in a good vacuum, it will save you in the long run. The cheap ones just don’t last (or work that great).

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