12 Game-Changing Reasons Why You Should Use Target Baby Registry

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Creating a baby registry is both one of the most fun and most daunting things you’ll do as you prepare for your new arrival. With millions of cool baby products out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! So many questions run through your mind. Which stroller is the best? What diapers should you use? Should you buy bottles even if you’re breastfeeding? Then, of course, the biggest question of all: where should you register?


I can’t answer the first three questions for you. They’re all a matter of taste and preference. The last one, though, is easy! You want to go with a Target Baby Registry! Why? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today! 

Why Should You Use Target Baby Registry?

Target has the best baby registry for SO many reasons that I need to break it up into sections for you! 

Setting Up Your Target Baby Registry

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  1. Quick & painless setup process

Creating a Target baby registry takes under a minute. Just fill in your due date, your name and relationship to the baby, and your address. Voila! You can also add your partner’s name to the registry in the second step. You even get to customize the URL for your registry so it’s a little easier for you to remember.

  1. Target kick-starts your registry with must-have items

You’ll notice when you first go to your registry that it already has some items on it. Target automatically adds a few must-have baby essentials to get you started, including Pampers! Trust me, if you’re a first-time mom, you are probably totally underestimating the sheer amount of diapers you’ll need in your baby’s first few months alone!

Just to give you an idea, newborns go through an average of 320 diapers the first month! You may want to go ahead and click that little arrow up to ask for more than one box! If you’re lucky, everyone will grab you a box to go along with their “main” gift!

  1. Keep it private until you’re ready to go


If you want to take your time creating the perfect baby registry and don’t really want people looking at it before you’re done, you can keep it private until it’s ready to go. I love this option because it gives me a chance to add everything I LIKE, then sort through later and decide what I LOVE. For example, I may add three different cribs, then sit down and compare them before finalizing my registry. When it’s perfect, just edit your registry details to make it public!

  1. Add a Pinterest Board

Got a Pinterest board filled with baby wish list ideas? Add it to your registry! Your friends and family can check it out and come up with even more gift ideas for you. I love this for a couple of reasons. First, I feel weird adding super expensive things to my registry. If I add it to my Pinterest board, then add that board to my registry, it’s not like I’m directly saying “hey, buy this for me!” Second, I can add “hints” that go beyond traditional gifts for family and friends. For example, if I have my heart set on a certain baby shower theme, I can pin things related to that.

Filling Your Target Baby Registry

Okay, your registry is set up. Now what? If you’re like me, you head over to the baby categories and get crazy overwhelmed by all the choices. Don’t worry, you’ll find a lot of help choosing the perfect gifts right on Target!

  1. Checklists


Head to the Checklists section under “Manage my Registry” and you’ll find a handy dandy list of pretty much every baby-related thing you can think of. Check off the things you already have, then go through and add items to the categories that you still need. Think ahead. Even though your newborn may not need an activity gym, for example, babies grow up crazy fast. Put it on your registry so you don’t have to get it later!


  1. Adding items by browsing


Click on “add items” and browse through the popular categories to find items on your own. Like the checklists, the popular categories section has just about everything you need. If you like to just browse around and see what’s out there, this is a great place to start.


  1. Finding items through articles and tips from other moms

The Target Baby Registry has a wealth of information from seasoned moms and other pros. Find these articles under “Starter Ideas.” See what was voted Best in Class from Babycenter, grab the 0-6 month must-haves and more.


  1. Getting Nursery Inspiration


The Nursery Collections section is quite possibly my favorite just because it’s so visually stunning. Nurseries have come a long way over the years, moving beyond cutesy to truly stylish. Target even has an exclusive collection called Cloud Island that is just gorgeous.

  1. Using Universal Registry

Okay, so you’re browsing around the web and you find the perfect little booties at your favorite handmade website that you just must have. The problem? You already told everyone to shop from your Target Baby Registry, and you really don’t want to send the link out to all your relatives and end up with 20 pairs! No problem at all: add it to your registry using the Universal Registry bookmarklet. Just drag it to your bookmarks toolbar and when you see something you want elsewhere, click the button to add it!

  1. Using the App

When I set up my first registry years ago, I remember running around Target with a little scanner gun picking out things I wanted. It was probably one of the most exciting days of my own pregnancy! My mom and I had a blast zapping things to my list! Now, you can experience that same joy with your smartphone. Just download the app and scan items in the store. Accidentally add something you don’t want? You can also manage your registry right from the app!

Extra Special Benefits


The Target Baby Registry also has a few super cool benefits that you’re going to love. These include:

  1. 15%- 20% off coupon for remaining registry items.

Didn’t get everything you need at your shower? No problem! Just use your 15% off coupon to finish up your shopping. Restrictions do apply, so check out the details on the coupon when it arrives. Even better, if you have a Target Red Card, you’ll get a 20% coupon!

  1. Welcome Kit:


After you start your registry, head to your local Target to pick up an awesome Welcome Kit filled with coupons and samples!

With all of those amazing features and more, it’s easy to see why the Target Baby Registry is perfect place to register, right?

Get started making your Target Baby Registry now! I can’t wait to find out what you put on it!


Already a seasoned mom? Share your tips for what to add to a Target Baby Registry below!



41 thoughts on “12 Game-Changing Reasons Why You Should Use Target Baby Registry”

  1. I don’t like babies haha. but looks like a great idea for my sister, she’s having her first baby girl probably in December.

  2. This is a cool way to manage the baby’s birth and the aligned resource requirements. Target registry sure seems to have taken care of everything.

  3. I didn’t use a registry with a baby and I kind of wish I had! It would have been nice to direct the gifts a little bit!

  4. I didn’t know they offered a discount on remaining items, so cool! Target seems like a no brainer to me for registries, they have everything and more!

  5. Using a registry would ensure you get what you want when it comes to gifts and also avoid getting duplicate gifts. It;s nice that they have an easy setup and use of the app.

  6. I’m sure new moms appreciate the welcome kit. Target is nationwide so using their registry would be convenient for many.

  7. I like that you can keep it private until you’re all set. My daughter loved their bridal registry and when it’s time for a baby, I know she’ll register at Target. I’m patiently waiting. 🙂

  8. Wow, there are SO many reasons that you should use Target for your baby registry. I really love that you can keep it private until you are ready AND that you can add a Pinterest board. That is so fantastic!

  9. Nicole Cochingco Escat

    This Target registry looks really nice.. It’s really important to be prepared in a moment like giving birth, consider all the essentials of the baby..Great article thanks for this information

  10. This is such an amazing registry! There is so much you can do to make sure you are totally prepared and that you get exactly what you want. I love how convenient this is!

  11. Lauren Marie Happel

    I love the Target Registries! When I found out I was prego with my 11 month old Target’s registry was the first one I signed up for!

  12. I love shopping Target baby registries!! Number one I just really love shopping at Target but I what I really love about their registries is that the couple can mark items as “most wanted” so you can get those things!!

  13. I used Target baby registry with my youngest. It was super easy to use. I enjoyed using the scanner gun. 🙂

  14. Target has a lot of cute stuff for babies, kids, women and even men, and that’s why we love shopping there. And I know I’m not the only one who does!

  15. Eloise Maoudj Riley

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t know all of the benefits of Target Baby Registry! I’ll have to pass this on to people I know who are newly pregnant (because I’m all done with having babies!) I love Target ; )

  16. Target has the cutest baby stuff! I totally would love to have another baby, just to buy super cute clothing from Target!

  17. This is pretty cool ! I remember when I was a kid, shopping at Target was really not much better than shopping at Kmart and Walmart. They really have done a great job over the years establishing themselves.

  18. I’d love to make it as convenient as possible for friends and family. You can’t get any easier than shopping where you already are. Target for the win!

  19. I like how Target adds essential items. It will hopefully give the soon-to-be parents ideas to what to add to their registry. I’m glad Target has done that. I would recommend to anyone who’s expecting to go to Target and sign up, being that it’s simple!
    Commenting for Heidi Spears Gray @life with heidi

  20. This is a great idea, and will benefit the gift givers too. Sometimes it’s hard to choose gifts but this will make it easier.

  21. No more babies for me, but I did just browse my cousin’s registry from Target and loved how easy it was to navigate! It’s a great option for new parents!

  22. Catherine Sargent

    This looks like a great option for expecting parents. I like that they have an app that you can use to scan items.

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