10 Unusual Foods You Might Crave While Pregnant

Think you have weird pregnancy food cravings? Check out our list and see if yours is on it, plus find pregnancy tips for dealing with those cravings!

Have you ever thought about how odd some pregnancy food cravings are?

For some reason when you are with child, some combinations just seem so good!

But as soon as that bundle of joy makes his appearance, you go right back to thinking, ‘who would eat that?!’

I took the liberty of gathering ten bizarre foods you might crave while pregnant so you know you’re not alone in your sudden strange desire to mix pickles with ice cream!

Did your craving make the list?

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10 Unusual Pregnancy Food Cravings

1- Hot dogs and Caesar salad dressing:

I am normally not a hot dog lover, but when I was pregnant with my first, I just couldn’t get enough of hot dogs dipped in caesar dressing!  You wouldn’t catch me eating that now (nor would you see my daughter eating it).  I am pretty sure I can count on one hand the number of times I have had a hot dog in the last seven years.

2- Potatoes:

Apparently pregnant women like their starch!  And it doesn’t matter in what form they come in either.  I preferred waffle with cheese (but that is a non-pregnancy thing too) or mashed, baked, scalloped; you name it, it seems to be a very common craving among women expecting. If you’re craving this starch, check out our Potato & Squash Baked Samosa Recipe for a healthier alternative.

3- Fresh fruit:

While this isn’t a bizarre pregnancy food craving on its own, if you normally don’t eat it, it can be unusual! I thought I was the only one!  For some reason, I craved healthier foods with my son.  Obviously oranges, but also apples and grapes for me.  I had a friend who craved fresh fruit as well and it didn’t matter for her it was anything and everything!  It is not a bad craving to have, but I feel like a weird one because it is not bad for you.unusual-pregnancy-food-cravings

4- Blizzards:

I love me a Blizzard (again, a non-pregnancy craving), but I talked to many women who craved Blizzards when pregnant.  My mom was one of them (might be the reason for my love of them).  Something about that creamy goodness chock full of candy and chocolate, making my mouth water now!

5- Anything orange:

I like oranges and clementines in particular, but when I was pregnant with my son, I could not eat enough of them!  I swear I would eat an entire bag of Cuties in one sitting.  It wasn’t just fruit that I craved; I also needed orange soda.  I don’t usually drink much soda and if I do it’s a cola, but not with my son.

I actually purchased liters of orange soda!  (I never keep soda in my house, this was weird for everyone).  Apparently, I am not alone in this craving, I wonder if there is something more to it.

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6- Pickle juice:

I know you have heard this one before, but it is still bizarre to me!  So you have a jar of perfectly good pickles, and then you drink all of the juice, now what?  Do you eat the pickles too?

7- Bagels with dipping sauce:

This is more about how you cut your food than anything else.  Did you ever have to have your food cravings cut a certain when you were pregnant?  This craving of bagels with dipping sauce (something other than cream cheese) is weird enough but to make sure you bagel is cut into triangle pieces brings it to a whole new level.

I have to admit; I did like some of my food cut a certain way when pregnant!unusual-pregnancy-food-cravings

8- Food aversions:

So. Many. Food. Aversions.  It is so bizarre that one day you love tuna fish, and the next, even the thought of it makes you want to rush to the nearest bathroom.  I knew for sure when I was pregnant with my daughter because this very thing happened to me.  I was making a tuna fish sandwich for work and ended up dumping the entire thing in the garbage because it was making me sick.

I have heard so many stories of women loving a particular food, but not when pregnant.

9- Things you don’t normally like to eat:

Is there anything you didn’t like before you pregnant, and then you couldn’t get enough?  Fast food joints are high on the list of foods that women didn’t like before but when with child, can’t seem to get enough.  It is so weird how our bodies want things we never ate!

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10- Drywall, rubber, and other things you should not eat:

I never had this experience, it is known as Pica, wanting things that are not food.  This is one craving you should not give into, and definitely tell your doc about it.  One of my friends told me about how she used to go to the nearest tire store on her lunch break so she could breathe in the scent of rubber tires.

Pregnancy food cravings can be incredibly bizarre!  One day we love something, so we stock up and then miraculously, we can’t stand it. Our poor partners!  I can’t imagine being on the other side of it and what they must be thinking.  While some of these things on the list may not sound all that bizarre, they certainly are unusual if you don’t normally eat these things! Then there are the relatively “normal” cravings that become bizarre because you crave it so much you can’t stop eating it!

What sort of bizarre pregnancy food cravings did you have?  Share with us in the comment section below!

24 thoughts on “10 Unusual Foods You Might Crave While Pregnant”

  1. I’m 9 weeks pregnant now and all I can think is about oranges and fried chicken, also sandwich with mayo and avocado ham and white cheese.

  2. Chinese food, pancakes, fries and tomato juice with my first. All things dessert with my 2nd, and not much cravings with 3rd. First two girls 3rd was a boy.

  3. When I was pregnant I craved grilled chicken and baked potatoes all the time. I also had a strong craving for orange juice, so my meals were usually grilled chicken salads, baked potatoes and orange juice. Odd combination, huh?

  4. Jennifer Henry-Novich

    I have never heard of people craving things that were not edible. I have known people not pregnant to have these weird cravings. How strange that is that it could come about when you are pregnant.

  5. This is so interesting! I did crave dressings of any type when I was pregnant. Everything had to be drenched in dressing.

  6. I never had any really strong cravings, but definitely gave into the things I wanted to eat but normally limited myself on. I was pretty sure my middle child was going to come out covered in red sauce & cheese since I ate so much pizza while pregnant.

  7. I craved salty things when I was pregnant. Some of my favorite foods like chicken soup I could not stand. It is funny how our tastes change when we are pregnant.

  8. We do crave for unusual things don’t we? It’s kinda funny when you think about it. I remember dipping potato chips in nutella and I couldn’t get enough of it too!

  9. It is so funny what we crave when we are pregnant, isn’t it?! I can’t recall my unusual craving but when I do remember I will be sure to come share!

  10. I’ve craved smelling things a lot during this pregnancy – the #1 being gain. I cannot smell gain enough, its like the most amazing smell ever. That said I crave gummy worms and bears often as well as sour candies! All of which i cannot have anymore!

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