Winter Pregnancy Survival Guide: What to Consider in the Cold Months


You may not realize it, but winter pregnancy considerations are completely different that, say, the things you  worry about in the fall or spring. Just what is it about the cold season that you need to consider?  What sort of clothes are you going to need?  What do you do when you start coming down with a cold?  Winter can be tough, but your pregnancy during these months doesn’t have to be!  Keep on reading to find out what you need to consider during your winter pregnancy!

Winter pregnancy: what to consider

Swelling happens even when it’s cold: You may think that because you are pregnant during the cold months, you can avoid the dreaded kankles.  That my dear, is false.  Swelling is your body retaining too much fluid.  And being pregnant, there is a whole lot more fluid in your body.  How do you avoid this or at least try to keep it under control?  Drink lots of fluid!  I know, I know, it sounds backwards, but the reality is water is the best thing for you, and not just while you are with child.  You should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water.  So, if you are weighing in at 200 pounds, you want to be drinking 100 ounces of water a day.  You will not make the swelling disappear, however you can aid in controlling it!

Your shoes will most likely not fit: Being pregnant in the summer months is a little more of a breeze when it comes to your shoes not fitting.  Flip flops are acceptable and going barefoot is even better.  But with winter comes a whole new problem.  Your feet change sizes and swelling can occur which means your winter boots that were once so comfy and cover your calves will be of no use to you this season.  This happened to me recently.  I pulled out my favorite winter boots that cover half my calf and go with everything and was quickly disappointed.  I couldn’t even get my heel into the boot!!  Let alone up my leg.  Just be prepared if you find yourself having a winter pregnancy,  you will need to purchase some new (safe!) footwear.

Regular pedicures: Even though your toes will be covered unless at home, getting pedicures is great for circulation.  The massage feels wonderful and leaves you feeling a bit better than when you walked in! (which is better for everyone around you!)  If you are concerned whether or not manicures and pedicures are safe, rest assured you have a green light.  No chemicals are absorbed into your skin.  Your stomach however might disagree, so make sure the area is well ventilated.

You are a heater: You may find yourself not bundling up as much as last winter when you go outside.  You have more blood pumping through your body which is going to cause you to be warmer than those around you.  Your co-workers may have a heater at their feet while you have a fan blowing in your face.

You don’t have to suffer through a cold!  Being sick is never fun, and being sick and pregnant, well, its a little worse.  You are not banned from taking medicine to make you feel better though!  Your doctor probably gave you a list of meds that are okay to take.  Go by that list and get what you need to get back on the mend.  Whatever you get can last longer than normal.  Your immune system is suppressed so fighting a common cold isn’t as easy.

The winter months can be tough to get through, and being pregnant they can be a bit tougher.  The idea is that you are comfortable and know what you can and cannot do to help you get through the inevitable cold and flu season.

Have you been through a winter pregnancy?  What sort of things do you wish someone told you about or warned you about that you want to pass on to others?  Share your experience and thoughts below!

27 thoughts on “Winter Pregnancy Survival Guide: What to Consider in the Cold Months”

  1. I went threw a winter pregnancy with my second child. I can remember it being hard to find a coat that fit my belly. I was always afraid of slipping on the ice.

  2. I’m currently 6 months pregnant and one of the things that drives hubby crazy is that I’m always hot. I turn off the heat all the time and then he freezes but I can’t help it. I get REALLY hot!

  3. I didn’t know you could take medicine if you caught a cold when you were expecting. I was lucky I didn’t get sick w/any of mine. Phew. 🙂 Well besides morning sickness, but that doesn’t count here. 😉

  4. Both times I was pregnant I went through the dead of winter. It isn’t as bad as summer but you have to be so much more careful not to get sick or fall on ice all kinds of worries in the winter times.

  5. I had the end of both of my pregnancies in the summer and I live in a hot weather state…so I was pretty uncomfortable at times. I never thought about the opposite but as you have pointed out, winter brings its own issues.

  6. My daughter is pregnant right now and I’m going to send her over here to read this great post. She was just complaining today how her hands and feet are swollen! Yes, it can happen in the winter.

  7. Getting advice from your doctor about cold medicines and medicines for other winter ailments is essential. You don’t just have to suffer.

  8. Glad to see my suggestions could be of some help! My first was a summer baby, so winter wasn’t so bad, this one is due very soon and shoes and socks are my enemy right now!

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