Top 5 Pregnancy Due Date Countdown Apps That You Absolutely Need to Have!

How long until your bundle of joy makes his big appearance? Keep track with these top 5 pregnancy due date countdown apps!

Have you seen all the cool pregnancy due date countdown apps out there? They’re amazing! It’s really a great time to be pregnant, isn’t it? I had son before smartphones became a reality, and I’m kind of sad that I missed out on all the fun! It was only 12 years ago, but in tech terms, that’s more like a century! With so many apps out there, it’s kind of hard to decide which one to get. Save some time and start the countdown excitement with these top 5 due date countdown apps!

5 Best Pregnancy Due Date Countdown Apps

I based my criteria for what makes these apps the “best” based on a few things. They have to be easy to set up, fun to look at and useful for more than just staring at a countdown clock. Check out the 5 that made my list. All apps are available for both iOS & Android unless otherwise noted.

1-Baby Countdown

I absolutely adore the visuals of Sevenlogic’s Baby Countdown app. The feature-rich app lets you countdown in months, days and even seconds, or you can get super creative and countdown in kisses and kicks! You can use any photo you want as your background. I love the idea of using your ultrasound, but if you don’t have one yet, choose from their huge collection of free photos. This app also lets you add your own song to your countdown.  It’s perfect if you just want a due date countdown app and don’t really need a ton of articles, tips, etc.

2-Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Development App

BabyCenter’s Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Development App is the one you want if you’re looking for a great all-in-one pregnancy app. Not only does it track your due date, but also gives you an amazing overview of your baby’s growth and development throughout every stage. You’ll also find a ton of tools for just about every aspect of your pregnancy, from baby registry checklists to real childbirth videos.

3- Pregnancy Countdown

If you’re a list-loving mama-to-be, the Pregnancy Countdown app by Pregniful Solutions LTD is the one for you. Aside from counting down the days to your new arrival, it also gives you access to pretty much all the major checklists you need before giving birth. The stand-out feature, though, is the curated content. Set up your own news feed about all the pregnancy and baby topics you want to know about most.

4- BabyBump App

The award-winning BabyBump App is another fabulously rotund app loaded with great features. Obviously, it lets you countdown to your due date. It wouldn’t be on this list if it didn’t, right? Beyond that, though, this one is perfect if you want a built in journal or a super easy way to connect with other pregnant moms. Plus, when you go into labor, this app lets you tell  your friends and family with a push of a button!

5- Due Date Countdown

While most of the due date countdown apps made this list because of their added featuresthis one  makes it because of what it doesn’t have. It quite simply just counts down to your big day. Set your due date, create or edit the timer, add & edit pictures (if you want) and go. At just 23.8 MB, it doesn’t eat up all your storage. Hey, some of us don’t have much room left for more apps as it is!

Honestly, I love all of these pregnancy due date countdown apps! Do you need ALL of them? Probably not! Although if you’re anything like I was, you might want to see those numbers counting down in as many places as possible! I do recommend grabbing a few and playing around with them. They’re all free, so all you have to lose is storage space on your phone. Just delete the ones that you don’t love! I can’t even tell you how many apps I download and delete in a week. I’m kind of addicted to the App Store.

Did you use any of these pregnancy due date countdown apps? Have another favorite that I missed? Share below!


16 thoughts on “Top 5 Pregnancy Due Date Countdown Apps That You Absolutely Need to Have!”

  1. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    Wow. Apps for everything! I guess this would help expectant women get through the wait with less stress. I will share this with friends and family.

  2. These are some great apps. I have a sister-in-law that is expecting her second child. She would love these.

  3. These are awesome! I had no idea there are useful apps like this for pregnant moms! This is very helpful!

  4. OurOrdinaryLife®

    These would have been so nice to use while i was pregnant. I’ll share these apps with anyone who is expecting soon.

  5. My cousin is expecting her first baby (just found out it’s a boy!) so I’ll be sure to share these apps with her. I bet she will love them!

  6. I had no idea that there so many apps to countdown, very cool! I know that when I had my three pregnancies, I just used the internet to research information, but pretty sure with my first pregnancy I was pretty clueless, that was nearly 15 years ago and I don’t recall owning a computer/internet stuff yet!

  7. Kelly Hutchinson

    We have two pregnancies that were just announced in our family. I will be sure to share these apps with the parents.

  8. Melissa Chapman

    My son is 12 too and I give you credit for having more. Those apps look great so I will tell my sister-in-law who is still having kids.

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