Surviving Your First Pregnancy: The Magical Period of Ecstasy and Agony

These tips for surviving your first pregnancy will help you make the most of all the magical moments while getting through the not-so-fun parts without losing your mind! Check them out!

Your first pregnancy is made up of so many magical moments…and a few that aren’t quite so spectacular, if we’re being honest. The first kick? Magical. The first bout of morning sickness? Agony! We have a special guest here today to share with you some of her favorite tips for getting through both the ecstasy and the agony of your first pregnancy! I’ll turn this over to Nicola now so you can check them out! Enjoy!

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Tips for Surviving Your First Pregnancy

How did you find out about your pregnancy?

Were you actively trying?

How does it feel?

Have you told anyone?

In the initial few weeks of pregnancy, all you have to do is answer these questions. Basking in the glory of compliments, good wishes, and blessings, you stay busy researching baby names and selecting maternity clothes.

A few weeks later, your body starts to change. The impact of the pregnancy becomes visible in your day-to- day life. Everyone around you is ready with advice – do this, don’t do that, eat this, don’t eat that, don’t go there, sit like this, sleep like that and so on. Along with these never-ending instructions, come the pregnancy symptoms like nausea, morning sickness, and the irritable mood swings. All this can wear off your initial excitement of being an expectant parent.

Here are a few essential tips to help you survive your first pregnancy with ease and patience.

  • Listen to Your Doctor and Only Your Doctor

Irrespective of their experience, age or relation, the people around you will be ready with unsolicited advice the moment you announce your pregnancy. However, don’t do anything that your doctor doesn’t approve. Choose your doctor carefully. If you don’t know anyone, go by the reviews on Practo and select the doctor most recommended by users. Your doctor is the one who is qualified to examine you and understands your body changes and reactions. Trusting your specialist is essential for a stress-free pregnancy.

  • Don’t Overburden Yourself with Worries

Women’s expectations with childbirth have changed tremendously over the years. An expecting mother in an industrialized nation perceives pregnancy and childbirth as a beautiful experience. Go back a hundred years, and childbirth was a major concern for the health of both, the mother and the child. Luckily, this is no more the case, so don’t overburden yourself with worries about how the pregnancy will go and what will happen. All these pregnancy anxieties will prevent you from enjoying this beautiful phase of your life.

  • Share It with Your Partner

Pregnancy transforms your relationship with your partner in more ways than you can imagine. Involving him as much as you can will allow you to enjoy this phase even more.

Think about it, while you get to feel the changes in your body and the movements in your womb, your partner can only imagine all this.

These tips for surviving your first pregnancy will help you make the most of all the magical moments while getting through the not-so-fun parts without losing your mind! Check them out!

Take him along for doctor visits, make him talk to your baby, play his favorite music to the baby, allow him to pamper you by telling him what you’re feeling inside. Don’t fret over your swollen legs and bigger boobs, and help your partner in getting used to your bodily changes. Make him a part of your pregnancy and you’ll be surprised to see how much of a father he already is!

  • Don’t Forget to Exercise

It may seem extremely difficult to even think of exercising when you’re pregnant, but pregnancy exercises are exceptionally beneficial for both, the mother and the baby. Proper exercise aids in alleviating the common problems that accompany pregnancy, such as constipation, leg cramps, gestational diabetes, and more.

Exercising also allows you to sleep better and keeps you upbeat. Most pregnant women take special prenatal yoga classes to stay healthy during these months. Studies have proved that women who exercise regularly during pregnancy lower the odds of complications at the time of delivery.

  • Be Comfortable at All Times

Should you go out for a movie with your friends? Should you wear tight-fitting or loose clothes? From choosing your clothes and going to office, to doing household work and enjoying parties, you’ll be questioning yourself at every point and everyone around you will have their opinion on what’s good for you.

So, what should you do?

The answer is: Do what you feel comfortable doing. The only thing that truly matters at this time is your comfort. The market is full of products that help put you at ease, such as body pillows, belly bands, and so on. Talk to your doctor and discuss how you can be more comfortable during this phase.


Pregnancy definitely alters the way you look and feel and also changes your values, and enhances your endurance and patience. Pregnancy announces the start of a new chapter in your life and opens your eyes to the brighter side. The little bundle of joy you’ve been dreaming of is every bit worth the wait. Hence, it makes no sense to fret and make the process exasperating. Use the above-stated essential tips to breeze through the magical phase of pregnancy and make the most of it.


Are you already a first pregnancy veteran? Share your favorite tips below!

15 thoughts on “Surviving Your First Pregnancy: The Magical Period of Ecstasy and Agony”

  1. RachelFerrucci

    This is great advice! There really is so much worry and excitement with your first pregnancy but we all make it through it!

  2. Amy Desrosiers

    I know I was a hot mess during my first pregnancy! I was so sick and felt just so blah about everything.

  3. Melissa Chapman

    I was a bit of a basket case during my first pregnancy because I was so worried, but it all worked out in the end. I just wish I did embrace the moment more When I had the chance. All those tips bring me back to that time.

  4. Ann Bacciaglia

    I think it is important to get as much rest as you can when you are getting close to the end of your pregnancy. I did the opposite and started nesting and over did it.

  5. This is a really helpful post! I can remember my first pregnancy, I want to read every book and article I can get. Thank so much for sharing!

  6. Great tips! I read A LOT of books when I was pregnant (the internet wasn’t even on my radar way back then lol). Following doctors orders is key to helping the pregnancy run smoothly.

  7. Great advice! I have four kids, so my first pregnancy is harder to remember. I do remember being scared. I hope new moms now can enjoy it more than I did, though I don’t know if the Internet makes it better or worse.

  8. meagan goepferich

    These are some good tips. I think it is very important to educate yourself about how labor progresses. So many moms are uninformed.

  9. Great tips for anyone going through their first pregnancy. It’s normal to worry, but most things that happen to you happen to pretty much everyone else too.

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