5 Breezy Summer Pregnancy Hacks Every Mom-To-Be Needs to Know!

Summer pregnancies can feel tough, but they can also be amazing! Beat the heat with our five summer pregnancy hacks that will keep you comfy all summer.

Summer is almost here, and you’re pregnant! Hooray!

You may be dreading the sticky, humid heat while growing a baby, but there are a lot of perks to being a pregnant mama in the summer.

You have to see these summer pregnancy hacks that are going to make summer a whole lot easier.

Relax and enjoy the sunshine!

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Summer Pregnancy Hacks That You Didn’t Know

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1. Eat Watermelon

One of the main things you hear everyone tell you when you are pregnant in the summer is to drink water. How much water should you drink when you’re pregnant?

Experts recommend aiming for between 11-12 8-oz glasses a day, which is just a tad more than the recommended amount for people who aren’t pregnant. If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors during the summer, you may need more than that.

Dehydration is no joke, but sometimes it is hard to get the required amount from bottled water alone.  Not to mention, some of us just don’t like plain water!

Here’s a tip to help you out: eat watermelon!

Watermelon is delicious in the summer and full of the hydrating water you need to help keep you and baby cool. In fact, 92% of the fruit is made up of water!

If you don’t like watermelon, you can also try other kinds of melon or even cucumbers to help you stay hydrated. These fruits and veggies are especially delicious in the summertime, plus will help you with vitamin intake.


You can also use the fruits and veggies to make infused water. Add your favorite fruits to a pitcher of water and stick in the fridge for a few hours. Need something with a little more kick? Try out infused lime water recipes!

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Exercising Outdoors Is Easier

Walking and swimming are two of the best exercises you can do when you are pregnant. Both are low impact and provide lots of health benefits.

In the summer everyone is craving the outdoors outdoors, so getting in the exercise in the beautiful sunshine is a little easier.

No pool nearby? Take full advantage of those kiddie pools in the backyard while sipping your smoothie. Summer pregnancy hack win!

You can also try this Happy Pregnancy Workout in the morning or evening, when it’s a little cooler out.

Whatever type of exercise you decide to do, just remember to be careful. Don’t overdo it! Aside from swimming, which you can do pretty much any time of the day, stick to early morning or evening workouts, when the sun isn’t quite so hot.

Remember the first tip: stay hydrated!

Check out the safest ways to exercise during pregnancy!

Try Coconut Oil For Skin

Is your skin feeling a little rough from the hot summer sun or chaffing? Yikes! Ease your skin by rubbing a little coconut oil on it. Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and all natural, so you won’t have to worry about any extra chemicals for you or baby.

Everyone will be asking how you keep your skin so baby smooth! Just keep the coconut oil that you cook with separate from the coconut oil you are rubbing on your body because… eww.

As a bonus, coconut oil can also help reduce stretch marks like other good moisturizers and can also work in your hair as a fabulous conditioner. It’s kind of a pain to rinse out, but it’s worth it if you do it once a month or so.

 I love this video full of uses for coconut oil during pregnancy:

If you are allergic to coconut oil, or just plain don’t like it, there are other fabulous oils and natural skin care products you can try. Cocoa butter is a top seller for pregnant women.

I suggest buying the chunks of real, 100% cocoa butter versus products that contain very little of the actual butter. Sweet almond oil with a little lavender essential oil added to it is also a wonderful alternative!

Invest In Summer Dresses

Pants, be gone! It is so easy to find cute summer maternity dresses that work for your bump and keep you fresh. You can totally skip a belly band, and simply buy a couple of cute maxis, empire waist, and shift dresses.

I wouldn’t even bother buying more than a pair or two of pants and shorts in the summer. Check out a few of my favorites from Amazon!

You may even be able to make non-maternity dresses work for some or all of your pregnancy. Just look for flowing, comfy styles that don’t cinch at the waist.

Just make sure they aren’t too long! If you’re short like me, sometimes it’s hard to find dresses that fit around the bust and waist that don’t come down past my toes! You don’t want something that will trip you up!

Wear Sporty Sandals Everywhere

Pregnancy feet expand and are no joke especially towards the end of pregnancy. Many women find they can’t fit into their regular shoes when pregnant. The great news is in the summer you can simply wear sandals EVERYWHERE.

That gives your feet plenty of room. While cute flip flops can be handy, I needed a little more arch support.


I love my strappy and sporty Chaco Sandals that are fully adjustable as your feet expand. I wore them everywhere!

Plus you can readjust them smaller if your feet shrink back after the baby is born. There are also other brands that make sporty sandals with a good foot bed and arch support such as Teva or Merrel. I liked this pair of Chacos because it adjusts across the back and the toes. I still wear them!

When you’re choosing your summer pregnancy footwear, think safety first. Flip flops are super comfy, yes, but they also increase your risk of falling!

You want something that will stay put without making your feet sweaty. That’s why I love sandals so much!

Use these summer pregnancy hacks to help you stay healthy, hydrated, fit, and comfy all season long! Just remember: safety first! That applies to everything from exercising to shoe shopping!

Do you know of any other summer pregnancy hacks? Tell us what you dreamed up in the comments mamas!

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  1. It’s really difficult to be pregnant during the summer, because your body is more prone to heat. These hacks are awesome. It would nice to take a dip in the pool everyday, so having those blow up swimming pools is really helpful.

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