Stylish Maternity Winter Coats

Are you pregnant this winter? Check out the best stylish maternity winter coats and stay warm without sacrificing on fashion!

If you are pregnant this winter, you are going to need a stylish maternity winter coat to get you through the frigid winter months.  You never know if you are going to feel hot or cold.  Babies do all sorts of weird things to our bodies.  I was always hot during my pregnancies.  Regardless of your own body temp and the temp outside, winter is cold and you want to be warm and stylish.  Check out these stylish maternity winter coats!

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Stylish Maternity Winter Coats

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Classic Black

 Black will never go out of style!  You might feel so uncomfortable at times (who am I kidding, you will feel uncomfortable) but you will still look amazing with your pregnant glow and a classic black peacoat style.  The belt will help to show off that beautiful baby bump even though you are bundled up.  Check out or to find your fave.



I know when I was pregnant in the winter, my body temperature was all off.  I was so hot all the time.  I found myself braving the winter chill in a hooded sweatshirt most days.  If I had someplace to go, or just wanted to feel pretty, I would put on a cloak.  It is so simple looking yet stylish.  You can throw it on over anything you are wearing really (yes even an ugly old tee) and still look super cute.  You can search Amazon or eBay for the best finds.  You might also find this being called a cape or poncho. ModCloth has really cute cloaks, and while they aren’t maternity coats, just get them a size larger than you normally would and you should be fine!

Puffy Parka

 Definitely on the warmer side for those super cold days and nights.  Motherhood Maternity is a great store solely based on maternity clothes.  Which means they know you don’t want to feel like a big puffy marshmallow to stay warm.  You can search their styles at .  LLBean is another great company that has been around a while, they know cold weather apparel.  They have a small, but stylish selection at

3 Button Rule

 Ok so it’s not really a rule per say but when shopping for a coat, you want one that is going to grow with you.  You might wake up one morning and find that you have ‘popped’.  You want to still be warm, and not have to spend money on another coat right?  Having a coat with 3 buttons or some sort of closure on the chest will allow for your belly to grow all winter.  You will still be warm and cozy, fear not.  

You might want to even have a variety to choose from.  Who knows what your mood will be from day to day, or even what feels comfortable.  Just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to give up your personal style.  There are so many more options these days for moms-to-be to look amazing even in the winter.  

What was your choice for stylish maternity winter coats when you were pregnant?  What is your personal style?  Share with us in the comment section below!

27 thoughts on “Stylish Maternity Winter Coats”

  1. I love the idea of the Parka. It leaves plenty of room for the belly to grow and doesn’t put any pressure on the tummy.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Maternity wear is so much more attractive than it was in my day, mind that’s close to 40 yrs ago. I love the new styles and the idea of 3 buttons.

  3. Thankfully cold is relative down in this part of the country, winter coats could be anything from a windbreaker on up and are only needed for a few weeks. I’ve always been a fan of the classic trench styles in a variety of materials. They seem to look good no matter what.

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