6 Struggles All Pregnant Women Can Relate to

Think you’re the only one craving pickles & pb sandwiches? Think again! Check out 6 struggles all pregnant women can relate to!

For pregnant women, sometimes the struggles seem endless, but at the end of it all, we can laugh about them.

From the big belly to the swollen ankles, the new wardrobe and hair and nails that never seem to stop growing, pregnant women go through a lot!

You wished someone told you about these pregnancy struggles.

But, the reward is well worth the pain and changes that have to be endured.

The best part of these struggles is when you can sit back and laugh about them!

Here are 6 struggles that all pregnant woman can totally relate to.

Struggles All Pregnant Women Can Relate To

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1. Dwelling on pictures from the past

While all women love their baby bumps, every once in awhile we all dwell on the past, especially in regards to how we used to look physically. Pre-baby, our bodies used to look (and feel!) so much different. It can sometimes be hard to accept the changes, but in the end they are so worth it.

Instead of judging your pregnancy body against your pre-pregnancy body, vow to celebrate your growing bump! Take pictures every month. Even if it’s just for yourself, you’ll love looking back in ten years and seeing how you changed.

When baby does arrive, don’t fall into the mindset that you absolutely MUST be back to your pre-pregnancy weight within a certain time frame. Focus on being healthy overall, and give yourself a break when you’re just too tired to work out.

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2. Random lactation

With pregnancy comes the need for the body to produce milk and sadly, we don’t work like faucets! We can’t turn the milk production on and off and sometimes we’re stuck with leakage during the worst possible scenarios!

This, my friends, is where a really stellar nursing bra comes in handy! A long time ago, women were forced to walk around with bulky pads (or the dreaded milk leak on their shirts!). Today, thankfully, we have so many more options. Feel free to start wearing one before baby arrives!

Another option: keep a burp clothing handy during feedings, and wipe up “spilled milk” before it even has a chance to hit your clothes. Don’t worry, new moms, the leakage stops once you and your baby have gotten a good handle on breastfeeding.

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3. The emotional roller coaster

Women by nature tend to be more emotional than men but the emotional roller coaster really takes off during pregnancy. One minute you can be crying and the next minute you’re smiling like a mad person. Pregnancy emotions are nothing to mess with!

Don’t worry, just about everyone around you will give you a free pass while you’re pregnant. Still, try to keep those emotions in check if you’re feeling particularly ticked off. Even though people will let more slide, they still have feelings.

Try harnessing your emotions with a little meditation, prenatal yoga, or other stress busters. If you feel like you’re about to blow your lid, start counting to ten, my friend. There’s a reason it’s an oldie but goodie!

Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety? Count out of sequence! I saw that trick on the CBS show Bull, and oddly, it does work. Start by counting in sequence, like “1,2,3,4” then skip numbers, then go back. So, “1,2,3,4,8,10,17,24,19,17,16…” and so on.

4. Strangers touching your belly

Seriously, this struggle isn’t one you can always control but it is super annoying! No one rubbed your belly before carrying a child so why do people think it’s ok to do when you’re pregnant? It can be tiresome to tell people to keep their hands off your bump!


I’d love to tell you that there’s some sort of magic trick to get people to keep their hands off, but there’s not. Even if you walk around with a t-shirt that says “hands off the belly!” you’ll have people who just think it doesn’t apply to them.

If you see someone reaching for the beloved bump, intercept by grabbing their hand in a friendly “handshake” way, like you just misinterpreted and thought they wanted to hold your hand! You can also back up and say “sorry, I’m just really weird about people touching my belly.” If they don’t understand, that’s on them, not you.

5. The insanely weird cravings

Pickles and peanut butter? Ice cream and potato chips? The pregnancy cravings are not only insanely strong but they tend to involve the weirdest food combinations! The pregnancy cravings can drive you, and those around you, absolutely crazy!

My advice: give in! Well, unless you’re craving dirt or clay. That’s called pica and it’s really not good for you. If you do find yourself craving non-food things, talk to your doctor. If your cravings run more towards the pickles and ice-cream variety, it’s not going to hurt you to just go with the flow (unless you’re on a doctor-ordered special diet).

6. Morning sickness

The morning sickness that comes along with being pregnant is no fun. Morning sickness aside, the random bouts of throwing up are just as bad! If there is one thing all moms can agree on, it’s that this type of sickness is really no fun!


Fortunately, there are a million and one remedies for morning sickness out there. My favorite? Sour candy. Sounds weird, but it worked! A friend bought me Preggie Pops, which I loved with a fiery passion. Plain old sour hard candies work just as well though, if you don’t want to spend the extra money on specialty candy.

While pregnancy definitely comes with more than its fair share of struggles, in the end it’s all worth it!

Can you relate to the pregnant women struggles? What other things did you struggle with during your pregnancy? Share below!

7 thoughts on “6 Struggles All Pregnant Women Can Relate to”

  1. Ugh morning sickness or all day sickness was the worst! But, I would take that any day to know I have a healthy baby inside of me.

  2. Pregnancy is hard. It is amazing all of the struggles we go through, But the miracle at the end of each one makes it worth it! Love the elephant meme- so funny!

  3. If there’s one thing I don’t miss about being pregnant is the morning sickness, I had horrible one with my two pregnancies. I had to chuckle on the touching of belly lol.

  4. Travel Blogger

    I am pregnant with my second baby, and I can relate to all of these except morning sickness. I have been so lucky not to have been sick through my pregnancies, but everything else has been the typical pregnancy roller coaster.

  5. Jhentea Guzman

    I have a thousands of struggles to tell you when I was pregnant! haha i totally relate to this 6 struggles!

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