Stages of Pregnancy: An Easy to Follow PDF Version


Throughout the stages of pregnancy, you will experience different emotions and feel different changes in your body throughout your pregnancy. Each week, your baby will grow and develop and you would certainly like to know what is going on.The table below is a summary of all the critical developments that your baby and your body will be experiencing during your weeks of pregnancy. You can print the PDF version of the Stages of Pregnancy and keep it on reach of hand. You will find it extremely helpful in knowing what to expect throughout your pregnancy.

PDF version Stages of Pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy week Fetus development Body changes
Week 1 Your baby is still an egg in your ovary. You’re not really pregnant yet, so you don’t start feeling changes in your body.
Week 2 The egg meets the sperm and the fertilization occurs. No changes yet, it is still too early
Week 3 We will call him a “zygote”, cells start dividing without any size increase.
The implementation occurs: The zygote is settling down in the lining of your uterus.
You might notice a little bit of spotting
You might feel your breast enlarging.
You might feel tired
You might have major mood swing
You might feel a mild fever
A hormone known as HCG is responsible of all these early pregnancy signs.
Week 4 The embryo is now a 3 layers of cells from which all the organs and body parts will develop. Your heart beat will increase
You’re likely to feel tired most of the time
Your breast is softening and nipples are rising
Week 5 You’re baby’s heart start beating.
All the major systems starts to develop: brain, nervous and reproductive system
The baby is about the size of a sesame seed.
It’s now the time to start your pregnancy diet. Eat healthy for you and your baby.
You are likely to feel sleepy.
Week 6 The heart beat is more regular and the arms are starting showing up. You are likely to feel tired and even exhausted.
Week 7 The brain is growing at 100 cells per minute
The face is becoming more define
The legs are forming
The umbilical cord is now visible
Nausea and morning sickness will be your main challenges.
Week 8 The baby eyelids, ear, upper lip and the top of the nose are forming
Fingers and toes are visible
Your baby is a little more than ½ inch long.
It’s about time to take all your prenatal vitamins.
Week 9 Baby will start moving but you won’t feel it yet.
Genital organs will start developing
Your baby is about one inch long.
Your breast is growing and getting tender.
Week 10 Your baby’s brain is developing 25,000 neurons per minute.
Your baby is looking human now
Your challenge will be to deal with your emotion swing.
Week 11 All the baby‘s vital organs are now formed.
Your baby weighs third of an ounce and is about 2 inches long.
You might experience persistent headache and Migraine.
Week 12 Your baby’s eyes have moved to the front and his ears are in place. Your baby is about half ounce of weight and 2 1/2 inches long. People who don’t know you will start wondering if you’re pregnant or getting some extra weight. It should be the right week to spread the news.
Week 13 You’re baby is able to make a fist and suck his thumb.
His vocal cords and larynx are now complete.
Pregnancy symptoms should start easing and you’re belly should start popping out now.
Week 14 You’re baby is now about 3 ½ inches and weighs about one ounce. It’s the first week of your second trimester. You should be feeling your energy back and may be some contractions as your organs are moving to accommodate your growing baby.
Week 15 The neck is completely formed and he’s almost 4 inches long and weighs about 2 ounces. Your belly is growing and you will need to figure out your optimum position when you’re sleeping.
Week 16 Your baby is a little human with a translucent skin. He weighs about 3 ounces and is between 4 and 5 inches long. Your sense of smell is developing tremendously.
Week 17 Your baby is starting his period of accelerated growth. He weighs 4 ounces and is over 5 inches. It’s the time to start packing some weight. It’s just normal, so don’t worry.
Week 18 The 5 senses of your baby are now fully developed; he can actually hear you talking. You will feel some little movements in your belly that feels like gas. These little movements are known as ‘quickening’
Week 19 Your baby’s kidneys are fully functional and he is starting peeing in his amniotic fluid. He weighs now 8 ½ pounds and measures 6 inches. Heartburn will be your biggest concern this week. You might be also O.K as not all pregnant women feel it.
Week 20 You can do your sex finding ultrasound this week. Your baby is now about 10 ½ ounces and measures 6 ½ inches. All your excitement will go to finding out the sex of your baby this week.
Week 21 Your baby’s face is fully developed now. He weighs about 11 ounces and measures 7 inches. Your belly is growing and you would appreciate some intimacy with your partner as hormones are making you feel horny.
Week 22 Your baby moves his hands and touches everything from his face to the biblical cordon. He weighs about a pound and measures 11 inches. You are feeling hungry and gaining weight. It’s about time to follow all the advices for a healthy pregnancy diet.
Week 23 Your baby is growing more and more. He enjoys sucking in and out the amniotic fluid training his lungs. You look gorgeous and you look really pregnant. You might have to deal with some back pain as a result of all the extra weight you’re putting in.
Week 24 Your baby’s ears are fully functional and he’s now getting used to all these sounds. You might feel him moving when it gets crowded and noisy. He’s now almost a foot tall. You will notice that you have more hair growing everywhere. That’s normal thanks to your pregnancy hormones.
Week 25 Your baby’s legs and arms are growing to be proportional to what they will be at his birth. He weighs 1 ½ lbs and measures 13 ½ inches. You might have to deal with some cramps in your legs. That might be caused by some deficiency in calcium.
Week 26 Your baby will be able to have a breath at the end of the week and he is already 14 inches. You might have to deal with some urinary problems like incontinence and probably UTI: Urinary Tract Infection.
Week 27 Your baby weighs now just over 2 pounds and measures about 14 ½ inches. Slow down activities and watch for symptoms of labor. If you feel contractions and your uterus hardening, contact your doctor immediately. You would like by all means to avoid giving birth to a premature baby.
Week 28 Your baby’s eyes are now open and he can blind. He is now about 15 inches long. Now you started your third trimester and your focus is to be ready for your big day.
Week 29 If your baby is born this week, he has 9 chances out of 10 to survive. He is now about 3 pounds and slightly over 15 inches. Watch out for water retention and excess of swelling. It is normal to feel tight in all your cloths including your shoes, however if you feel that it is extreme contact your doctor.
Week 30 All of the growth is concentrated in the brain for this week. Your baby is not gaining that match of weight and height. As you’re gaining weight and swelling, you should be careful and watch for any sign of preeclampsia. Some pregnant women also experience hemorrhoids at this stage.
Week 31 Your baby is in his fetal position now, weighs 3 ½ pounds and measures about 16 inches. You might start feeling what is known as Braxton Hicks contractions. It is sudden tightening of your uterus. The best you can do is slowing down and relax.
Week 32 Your baby should be settling down in the head down position in preparation for birth. He should weigh about 4 pounds and measures around 17 inches. Your baby is now kicking you everywhere and might even wake you up. Now your biggest challenge is to find the right position to sleep.
Week 33 Your Baby’s respiratory system is almost complete and mature. Your baby should weigh now about 4 ½ pounds. You’re just feeling the weight of your baby and looking forward for delivery. You should be also overwhelmed with all the preparations needed to welcome your new family member.
Week 34 Your baby is developing his own immune system this week. He should weigh about 5 pounds now. Sleeping is a real challenge, your belly is getting bigger and you feel almost every movement your baby is making. You also feel heavy and just looking forward for delivery.
Week 35 Your baby is not kicking as much now as he’s lacking room. He’s about 5 ½ pounds now and is over 18 inches. By now you should be visiting your doctor or midwife once a week. Your focus is no more how your body is changing. It’s all about when is he coming, how he/she looks like etc…
Week 36 Your baby has a sleeping pattern, he closes his eyes when he sleeps and opens them when he’s awake. He also becomes alert and turns his head toward light and sound. He is almost 6 pounds and measures 18 ½ inches. Pay attention to labor signs. They may occur at any time. You will have some false alarms that feel like serious contractions. Don’t hesitate to call your doctor and check.
Week 37 Growth is slowing down now. Your baby is more practicing his breathing, sleeping and peeing abilities. He should weigh in the range of 6 pounds and should measure between 19 and 20 inches. Nothing is expected to change in your body. Anyway your focus is just on delivery.
Week 38 Your baby is still growing and his fingernails have grown over his fingertips now. You might start losing your mucus plug. You might also notice some pink or “bloody show”. Don’t panic yet, watch for regular, strong contractions first.
Week 39 Your baby might experience frequent hiccups and you will feel it. His skin is now turning to a white-pink or blue-pink. He shouldn’t be far from 7 pounds at this stage. You might be giving birth any time now. If you think you’re in labor just go to the hospital. To make the difference between false alerts and real labor, time your contractions. Real ones should get closer and become more painful.
Week 40 Your baby is ready to come out any time now. His development is complete Focus on birth symptoms. There is nothing else you should worry about for now.
Week 41 For baby, being there is all good. He is putting on weight and getting ready for the real world. If you get to this week, your due date might be miscalculated, so don’t worry. Your doctor or midwife might talk to you about induction now.
Week 42 Your baby might weigh between 8 and 9 pounds now and measures about 21 inches. You will be certainly giving birth this week. Don’t stress, your doctor and midwife are taking care of you.

Knowing the stages of pregnancy isn’t just a great way to keep track of your baby’s growth, it’s also helpful in determining which pregnancy concerns you should have. For example, if you know that you won’t feel your baby move until a certain week, you won’t be so scared when you feel no movement before that day.