Smart Apps for Pregnant Women to Download Now


Take your pregnancy in the modern ages with  Smart Apps for Pregnant Women. Tracking your baby's growth and development throughout your pregnancy,  what and what not to eat, get fit, and track your doctor visits - all at your fingertips!

Life seems incomplete today without  apps. The women of today are very tech savvy and you will find most ladies toting around a smart phone these days. If you are soon going to be a new mom or are trying to get pregnant, well, you will be glad to know that there are some wonderful smart apps for pregnant women available on the market. The best part is that some of these apps are completely free and others are available at a very nominal cost.

Download these Smart apps for pregnant women!

  • iPregnancy’s  App
    The pregnancy tracker allows you to store your vitals after every visit to your doctor and one can easily store their blood pressure, weight, fetal heart rate, etc. in iPregnancy’s  App. The smart app will even store those ultrasound pictures and all that information is easily accessible with a touch of a finger.
  • Foods to Avoid When Pregnant’ App
    How easy and simple thing would be if you knew what food to take and which foods to avoid during the pregnancy. Foods To Avoid When Pregnant’ App ensures that you are eating the right foods that will help your developing baby to digest and keep you healthy.
  • My Pregnancy Today
    My Pregnancy Today is another of the most popular Smart apps for pregnant women and already enjoys more than a million downloads. It comes with due date calculator, gives useful info on your body, the changes you wee and helps you understand your body and what is happening inside it in a lot easier way. Moreover, this app comes FREE! Perhaps the coolest feature of this app is the “Check List,” that can help you stay healthy during pregnancy.
  • The BabyBump Pregnancy
    Now you can get the exact number of days until your due date, as well as other useful and important information related to your pregnancy. You can understand those symptoms better with the help of BabyBump Pregnancy and why they are happening. Make use of those valuable illustrations too.
  • Pregnancy Companion
    This Pregnancy Companion app is another of the Smart apps for pregnant women and offers expecting mothers with the right planning for a healthy and happy pregnancy. The app is available for both iPhone and Android and one can remain in touch with their doctors with the help of the Pregnancy Companion and stay organized with the planning tools in the app.

There are countless other Smart apps for pregnant women available in the market. The above is a selection of the highest-rated. When you’re pregnant, you have so many questions all the time. Sometimes, we do not have family or friends around to answer those questions, especially if we’re freaking out in the middle of the night! . Well, not to worry as you can completely rely on these Smart apps for pregnant women and use then as a source of knowledge in your pocket anytime and anywhere. Of course, if you have a major concern about anything, call your doctor. These apps are for guidance only and should never take the place of an actual office visit.

By the way, if you’re an Android user and you’re looking for smart apps for pregnant women specific to that system, check out our 10 Best Free Android Smartphone apps!

Do you have a favorite app that you used when you were pregnant?

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